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In volume 11 chapter 50.5 Our president the butler.

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Q: What chapter in 'Kaichou wa Maid Sama' is Usui going to be a girl and Misaki being a boy?
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Does kaichou wa maidsama manga continue after anime?

Yes. The Manga is still on going.

Will usui and misaki ever get together?

Yes, but its not CERTAIN. Usui loves Misaki and he will never love anyone else, that's obvious. Misaki loves Usui too, and I don't think she'll end up loving anyone else, and they seem as if they're going to end up together. Its still ongoing (both the manga and the anime) so you can't say they DO end up together, but after a bunch of conflict and stuff, they're probably gonna end up together, I mean it was pretty obvious from the beginning ;) I mean not TOTALLY obvious, its just one of those animes that even though they don't seem like they'll end up together, its sorta obvious they will, like for example if you've seen Special A, Kei and Hikari were obviously going to end up together, but the story didn't make it BORING

Are they going to make another season for kaichou wa maid-Sama?

Probably........ if you like the Anime the manga is still ongoing so you can read that in the meantme:D

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Will there be a second season for KWMS - Kaichou wa Maid Sama?

Their has been no announcement but the manga is still going so just keep your hopes up because I would also like a second season.

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