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I think that he did'nt find out about that Kyoko is Bo, ... yet.

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Q: What chapter does ren find out kyoko is bo in skip beat?
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In what chapter does kyoko from skip beat meet vie ghoul?

They meet in Chapter 80

What chapter does sho kiss kyoko in skip beat?

Skip Beat is a Japanese shojo manga created by Yoshiki Nakamura. There are two main characters; Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa. Kyoko is a 16 year old girl who found her childhood friend Sho. Sho kisses Kyoko in chapter 145.

In skip beat corn gives kyoko a rock but what episode does she drop it?

Chapter/ Stage 19

Who does kyoko end up with in skip beat?

Skip beat is not finished yet and the author is still drawing it. The author could change her mind on the last chapter but I'm 99% sure that Kyoko will end up with Ren.

What chapter is kyoko from skip beat is in shou's music video?

The arc where Kyoko goes to Sho for the Prisoner PV starts in Volume 7 chapter 39 and continues through to volume 8 and finishes in chapter 44

What chapter in skip beat does ren tell kyoko he is corn?

So far? None of them. And it probably won't happen any time soon.

Did kyoko mogami from skip beat get contacts when she changed her aperance?


When will skip beat chapter 170 come out?

Skip Beat chapter 170 is already comming out. You can read it on

Will Kyoko like Ren?

Kyoko and Ren are both fictional characters from the popular anime and manga Skip Beat!. While Ren likes Kyoko, it is unknown if she will notice his feelings and end up with him.

Who ends up with kyoko?

If you are talking about Kyoko from Skip Beat this question cannot be answered as of 11/17/2009 because the series has not yet been complete.

What volume in Skip beat does Shou kiss Kyoko?

I'm not sure if it's out on book release yet, but you can find it in the somewhat latest chapters on or

In skip beat why does ren like kyoko?

Its inevitable it just happened and there's nothing they can do about it. Funny huh