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It doesn't say when he imprints on Claire. Jacob just tells Bella about it at a later time. It doesn't say an exact chapter it just mentions it in later chapters.

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Q: What chapter does Quil imprint on Claire?
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Is Quil imprinted to Claire?

Yes Quil did imprint on Claire.

Who is name is Claire?

Claire is quil's imprint in the twilight series

Who did Quil imprint on?

Quil Ateara imprinted on Claire Young, who is the two-year-old daughter of Emily Young and Sam Uley.

Who are the five werewolves to imprint?

They are actually shape-shifters. Jacob-Renesmee, Sam-Emily, Quil-Claire, Jared-Kim, Paul-Rachel

What happened to Claire and quil?

Claire and Quil got married and settled down in Forks. Claire finished her education and went on to become a successful pediatrician, while Quil continued to work as a mechanic in town. They started a family and are living happily together.

How many of the werewolves in twilight imprinted?

Sam was the first to imprint with Emily, then Jared to Kim, Quil to Claire, Paul to Racheal and Jacob to Renesmee. These are the only imprints said in the books

Which werewolf imprints on Claire in Twilight?

Quil imprints on Claire in "Eclipse"

Who does Quil imprint on?

Claire ,emily young's neice who's 3Claire is 2 years old! get the facts rite!!you spell it ***right***

Who do the werewolves imprint on?

Here are the imprinting couples: Sam - Emily Quil - Claire Paul - Rachel Jared - Kim Jacob - Renesmee And they aren't werewolves, they're shape-shifters.

In twilight what does imprint mean?

It is when a werewolf falls head over heels in love with someone. It is were they would wait forever for that person.

Who imprints on Claire in Breaking Dawn?

Quil Ateara, Jacob's friend.

Who is Claire in twilight?

Claire is a character in the Twilight series who is a young werewolf. She is Imprinted on by Quil Ateara, which means he is drawn to her and sees her as his soulmate. Claire is a member of the Quileute tribe, and her story is featured in the later books of the series.