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Billy Black, Old Quil(Quil Alteara Sr.), Sue Clearwater and Sam Uley. (Eclipse, 240, 244)

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Q: Who are the quillete elders in twilight?
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In twilight what is the name of Jacobs tribe?

Quillete Tribe

Twilight what dose Jacob say to Bella before he tries to kiss her in the kicthen?

he speaks in quillete saying "stay with me forever"

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Where do twilight people live?

That would depend on which people from Twilight you want to know about. The Cullen family (Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Edward), Bella and Charlie Swan live in Forks, Washington. Jacob and his family live on the Quillete reservation, outside Forks.

Is old quil in the movie eclipse?

Yes he will. He helps tell a Quillete legend.

Where do you find the 3 elders in the legend of Zelda twilight princess?

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Who is quill from twilight?

quil ataera is one of jacob's best friends. he is the descendant of one of the elders in the tribe

Can you get the quillete legends book like Bella Swan in real life?

Yes you can buy them online.

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Are quillete legends true?

yes, vampires are real they are humans addicted to human blood and flesh and were wolves are humans with a bad case of hair growth and teeth.