What celebrity is Tybalt most like?

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Tybalt is nothing more then a Elizabethan thug. The media is full of celebrities that are behaving poorly in the media so you can take your pick of the Chris Browns or Justin Biebers out there.

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Q: What celebrity is Tybalt most like?
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How is Tybalt like the cat he is named for?

Tybalt the Cat was a well known character in the popular medieval of Reynard the Fox in Shakespeare's time. That particular character (Tybalt the Cat) was vicious and argued a lot. This is very much like Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet; Tybalt is a hot-headed character who argues with most of the characters and never hesitates to draw his weapon. Tybalt may have been named so because he was very much like Tybalt the Cat and it gave the audience an idea of who he was. Almost like a stereotype, so the character has guidlenes to his personality and actions. stealthy, sly and swift moving - a skilled swordsman/fighter

How is Tybalt fashionable?

most fashionable

Mercutio calls Tybalt the prince of what?

Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats because Tybalt was the name of kind of like the Garfield of their time.

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When you look like a celebrity, you are a celebrity look-alike.

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Do you believe that Romeo was justified in killing Tybalt?

yes but most say no. tybalt was gonna be executed or jailed anyway

Why does Tybalt want to fight Romeo?

He might want to 'defend' Juliet because Tybalt doesn't like the Montagues

What is Tybalt's zodiac sign?

Aries because they have a strong character and always want to argue just like Tybalt

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