What causes brusing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can fall and get hurt, or just if you lightly hit it you might get a bruise. It causes the blood from the inside to open and come out so it'll look reddish and purple

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Q: What causes brusing?
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What causes bruising after scratching?

Brusing in any case means tht you broke some minor bloodvessels under your skin.

What are the symptoms of ITP?

more brusing and bleeding tiredness

Can not brusing your teeth make them come out?

Not brushing your teeth can cause them to rot and fall out of your mouth.

Is Contusions are a brusing of the brain or nerves that may cause a blood clot in the brain?


Where can you find arcana cream if local health stores have not heard of it?

Do you mean ARNICA to help stop brusing and swelling?

What is the cause of tenderness on certain parts of your lips and then your lips got darker than it's normal color?


What was Mayella's injuries in the book to kill a mockingbird?

she had a blackened left eye. And brusing around her throat from being chocked

3 year old son as brusing on tip of penis what is it?

This would require a medical opinion. Contact your doctor and arrange a visit.

How do you check for cancer?

For most, you go to a doctor. Testicular, you look or feel for lumps on the testicles. Skin cancer you look for brusing or irregular moles.

What is lube used for?

Without sexual lubrication there will too much friction causing brusing, or pain on the vagina or penis. Lube keeps too much friction from happening.

Why Kids with low platelets and high white cell counts and brusing?

You have not mentioned the white cell count. It is difficult to give any opinion. The child needs further evaluation.

Is rugby dangrous?

Yes most players will leave a game with some kind of injury if only brusing and sadly there have been some deaths. But the game is well-governed by both the IRB and NRL.