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What is Meningocele??

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Q: What caused the scar on Dabney Coleman head?
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what caused scar on dabney colemans head?


How did Mikhail Gorbachev get the scar on his head?

It is to a scar, it's a red birthmark that is on his head.

Where on Harry Judds head is his scar?

Harry Judd got the scar on the side of his head by walking into a window when he was young.

You have a mole on your head if you get it removed will you lose your hair there?

If you get a mole on your head removed it will likely leave a scar. This scar will prevent you from regrowing hair in that area.

What caused the scar on Dermot Mulroney's lip?

He got the scar on his lip from falling on a piece of glass when he was three.

Can you dye your hair if you have a scar from stitches in your head?

as long as your scar is completely healed you should be able to

Do white head pimples leave a scar?

No, if they are white it means they are getting healthier. DO NOT pop them or they WILL leave a scar.

What is the scar and what caused it in the Lord of the Flies?

The scar is the dent that the plane made on the island when it crashed into the island.

How did Hitler get the scar under his mustache?

There are no reports that Hitler had a scar under his mustache. It is said that he wore his mustache in the fashion that he did because it fit better under a gas mask then the bushier style.

Can scar tissue be caused by negligent surgery?

Scar tissue can form for a number of reasons, not healing properly, infection, improper surgery

Who gives Samuel the scar on his head in Woods Runner?

Samuel got the scar on his head in chapter 8 he shot one of the two Indians and fell unconscious from being hit by them

What caused the scar on Miles Davis' face?

he got attacked by a bear