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You can watch the shows that were on channel 4 for the last 30 days. You pick the date that you missed and then see what shows you would like to catch up on.

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Q: What can one watch on Channel 4 Catch Up?
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You are belgian and you watch Hollyoaks It will not let you watch the catch up on the channel four website any ideas of how you can watch the catch ups?

you tube -

Where can you watch an episode of Grand Designs?

If you go onto the channel 4 catch up and click onto Grand Designs you can watch all of them from the last 29 days.

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Is there a channel4 player?

yes. either 4od or just channel 4 catch up!

Where can you watch skins series 3 now you are missing it?

Channel 4 have their own ondemand service online. Just check out and look around there for a catch up or 4OD [on demand] as it's called.