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They Should Relocate their 4 Digital Tv Studio Cameras with Autocues and Their Chroma Key Green Screen Walls and Studio Lights and their 2 WIN News Tv News Studio Desks to WIN's Toowoomba Studios at Mount Lofty. Then they should get the wood tv news set walls and WIN Toowoomba Tv News Desk and the 2 WIN News Tv News Studio Desks and Construct a New Tv News Studio Desk that is a Replica of the Tv News Studio Desk that WIN News Tasmania has Used Since December 2014. Then The Toowoomba News Presenter, Sports Presenter and Weather Presenter would Relocate to the Toowoomba Station.

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They should introduce Local Tv News Bulletins for the Logan Region and Redland Bay Regions Pre-recorded with WIN's Toowoomba Bulletin Broadcast Live from WIN's Toowoomba Studios at Mount Lofty and Presented by Lincoln Humphries (News), Kieran Wagstaff (Sport) with Weather by Hannah McEwan from WIN's Maroochydore Studios.

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Q: What can WIN Television do to use their Toowoomba Studio again?
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Why Can't Toowoomba have its own Max Brenner?

Exactly Max Brenner Could agree with WIN Television to Purchase the 1A Video Avenue Mount Lofty Building for $1,007,00. Then WIN Television Toowoomba could Relocate their Green Screen, Camera Crews, Studio Lights, Curtains, Video Tape Machines, Televisions, Journalists, Microphones and Video Cameras to Unit 803/532 Ruthven Street Toowoomba, Qld,Australia. Then Max Brenner can Renovate the 1A Video Avenue Mount Lofty Toowoomba Building for $1,007,00. Of Course the 1A Video Avenue Mount Lofty Toowoomba Building Would Still Have the Toowoomba Television Towers on top of the Building.

When will WIN News Toowoomba become silent about its political Propaganda Play Game Politics?

I know it pings me off and there are ignorant folks who support WIN News Toowoombas Disgusting Political Propaganda Play Game Politics WIN made unfactual comments about the Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington I hope that Deb Frecklington sues WIN News Toowoomba for its disgusting propaganda about her and I hope that WIN is forced to shut down and axe its Toowoomba News Bulletin and is forced to sell Its Toowoomba tv Station and Studio That it has neglect to the ABC then ABC would be able to produce ABC Local News that has views that are factual and that proves that WIN News Toowoomba has disgusting Political Propaganda

Why Can't WIN Television sell it's Toowoomba station to Channel 7?

Exactly If WIN Television doesn't use It's Toowoomba Station for a Locally Produced Toowoomba News Bulletin it could sell It's Toowoomba Station to Channel 7 for $1.8 Million Then Channel 7 could spend another $1.8 Million on the Toowoomba Station then Introduce a Locally Produced 7 Local News Toowoomba Bulletin.

Why Can't Network Ten Buy WIN's Toowoomba Station?

Exactly WIN Television could sell its 1A Video Avenue Mount Lofty Toowoomba Station to Network Ten for $700,000, Then Network Ten could spend $6 Million on getting HD Tv Studio Robotic Cameras with Autocues, HD Tv Station Control Room and Building a Replica of Network Ten's Brisbane News Set Used Since 2016. But Instead of Having Background of Brisbane The Toowoomba Replica would have a Background of Toowoomba CBD. Then WIN Television Toowoomba would Relocate to a Newsroom Office in the Toowoomba CBD. Then Network Ten Toowoomba would Employ 4 Reporters 2 Cameramen, 1 News Presenter, 1 Sports Presenter and 1 Weather Presenter and Ten Eyewitness News South Queensland would air from 6:00pm to 6:30pm Monday to Friday.

Who Should Present WIN News Toowoomba?

It Should Be Presented once WIN Closes It's Maroochydore Studios and Relocate It's Green Chroma Key Green Screen and HD Digital Cameras with Autocues and It's 2 News Desks and WIN's Old Toowoomba Background and WIN's Maroochydore 2 Studio Desks and WIN's Toowoomba 1 News Desk into a Replica of WIN's Tasmania News Desk Since Late 2014.. The News Bulletin should be Presented by Lincoln Humphries (News), Natassia Apolloni (Sport) and Daniel Sercombe (Weather)

Why Can't The Nine Entertainment Co Buy WIN's Toowoomba Station?

Exactly The Nine Entertainment Co should buy WIN's Toowoomba Station for $1 Million and then the Nine Entertainment Co should Rebrand WIN Television Darling Downs to Channel 9 Darling Downs and WIN News Southern Queensland to 9 News Southern Queensland. Then they should Re-Introduce a Locally Produced Tv News Bulletin. Then they should build a New Tv News Set. Then They should have 1 News Presenter, 1 Sports Presenter and 1 Weather Presenter on Weeknights and Weekends and have 10 Local News Reporters

Win News Toowoomba?

I Know what I Don't get is that their Facebook page has 6,080 likes when the more people that like should know that the Pictured Presenters and the Tv News Bulletin is Not Locally Produced It's based in Maroochydore.

What will WIN Television do once It Buys Channel Nine?

It will Rebrand it to WIN Television. Then It will chuck out all of the Plasma TVs Screens and the ones on stands and Video Walls and Then Replace the empty Parts of the Metro Sets with Wood sheets screwed on. Then the Metro Sets would be Painted over with Green Chroma Key Screen Paint, Then all the Metro WIN Stations Desks would be Rebuilt to be Replica of WIN's Wollongong Tv Studio News Desks. Then WIN's Maroochydore Studios would rebuild their desks to be Replicas of WIN's Wollongong Tv Studio News Desks.

What should WIN Television Wollongong do before it sells its Ballarat and Canberra Studios?

it should take The TV News Studio Desks and Green Chroma Key Green screen walls and Relocate them to WINs Wollongong Studios then it should put the three chroma key green screens walls together then they should turn the Three TV News Studio Desks into a Replica of the TV News Studio Desk that WIN Tasmania has used since November 2014.

Is the Nine Network's Gold Coast Studio owned by WIN Tv because Nine Gold Coast News has the same annoucer as Nine News Perth?

Yes it is. Because there's a Portable Studio Van Truck that has one studio with the Nine Gold Coast News Set and the Nine Gold Coast Newsdesk and a control room and it's a giant truck and on the front of the Truck it has the Nine News Logo which is The Nine Dots and the number nine and the words as seen on and then the WIN Television Logo WIN.

What do you do if you dont win on reality TV on poptropica?

You go back in the helicopter and try again.

The Tudors was nominated for how many Golden Globes in 2008?

In 2008 The Tudors was nominated (but did not win) for two Golden Globes, Best Television Series - Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Meyers was nominated again in 2009 for the same award, and again did not win.