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I think it's a Friesian. I'd like to know definite answer as well.

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Q: What breed of horse used in movie melancholia?
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What breed of horse was black beauty's mother in the movie?

Beauty's mother is a thoroughbred like him. In the movie (the one with him rearing on the cover) they used a friesian horse to play the part

What breed of horse was actually used in movie Flicka 2?

Well any breed could have been used but most likely it was Quarter horses that were used for the role of Flicks.

In the movie Alexander what was the breed of horse that they used?

It was a freisian a black freisian stallion also seen in Eragon.

What is the name of the Jockey used to breed a Pink Horse?

Surprisingly, there is a game where you make choices to breed a hypothetical horse.

What breed of horse was used in Ladyhawk?

The Friesian

What is the breed of horse used in Merlin?


What breed of horse origanated from Czechosloviaka?

A Kladruber, which is a very rare breed of horse which was origionally used to pull royal carriages, but is now used for riding and dressage.

Which breed of horse is often used for endurance?


What breed of horse was used in the film Alexander?


What tack is used for a lippizan horse?

Usually english. This breed of horse excels at dressage.

What is the most often used horse breed by cowboys?

That's easy Quarter Horse

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Canadian horse.