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Q: What board game company had a commercial jingle it's me and you you and me so come and play a game a game with me I can't find it on Youtube and I really want to hear it?
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What is the song played in the Excel gum commercial with the elevator?

If it is the commercial with lyrics that start "I gave you my best looks so it's really not that hard to see why you caught my eye boy why it's really meant to be" it is not a song, but a jingle written for the commercial.

How much money do jingle singers make?

I sing jingles and make $75 per jingle. My last session took an hour and I recorded 4 jingles so I made $300 but this really varies depending on the company and your experience, etc.

What is the name of the song that goes something like 'Even when she smacks you on the bum Mum' on the Outback steakhouse commercial for Mother's Day?

It's not really a song, it's a jingle and the only name for it I know is 'Mothers Day Outback Jingle'. It is a radio spot created by David Hale

What is the song from the Home Depot commercial that has no words but has guitar and piano?

The song doesn't really have a name.It is just a jingle by Eric Blaszczak. I'm sure if you google his name you can probably get closer to your answer. I know he did the songs.That jingle was written at least 8 years ago. Jack afm802

How was the Nintendo 64 advertised?

I can't really help you much on this but there was a really annoying Christmas ad. If you search "Nintendo 64 Christmas commercial" on youtube you can watch it.

Hink pink for a lone little Christmas bell is a?

The hink pink for a lone little Christmas bell is a single-jingle.

How popular is a commercial airline pilot?

no really, really popular. but well known by the company and flight attendents i guess you could say.

The song on the excel gum commercial where the floors magically break and they come together please please help me?

Actually, it's not really a song, just a jingle. Here's the link though to the commercial so you can listen to it over and over again ;)

Can you sell products on YouTube?

If you upload an interesting commercial and market your products really well, there might be a few people wanting to contact you for further details :)

What is the song in the recent townhouse flatbread commercial?

His name is Norman Vladimir, but I can't seem to find the name of the song :( His music is really amazing though. You can find him on youtube!

What date can you find jingle on Animal Crossing wii?

Jingle wanders the town form 8:00 pm on Christmas Eve to 1:00 AM on Christmas day. If you talk to him, he will give you a really valuable piece of Jingle furniture. To get more than one, talk to Jingle with all of the characters living in your town.

Are there any punk Christmas albums?

Not really, but the Sex Pistols once covered "Jingle Bells".