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I sing jingles and make $75 per jingle. My last session took an hour and I recorded 4 jingles so I made $300 but this really varies depending on the company and your experience, etc.

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Q: How much money do jingle singers make?
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How much money do a singer make?

Singers on average only make around 70,000 dollars a year. Most singers never make a lot of money or make it big.

How much money do singers make a week exactly?

Varies greatly with popularity from peanuts to millions.

How much money did Jingle All the Way gross worldwide?

Jingle All the Way grossed $129,832,389 worldwide.

How much money did Jingle All the Way gross domestically?

Jingle All the Way grossed $60,592,389 in the domestic market.

How much do singers make in an hour?

What types of singers and in a concert or what

How much money do christian singers make?

This a way to make up to1000$ daily:

How much money do famous singers get?

half of the money per album/single sold.

How much do singers make in a week?

they make 10,000

How much money does an American diplomat make a year?

americaneaglemakes 230,000,000 Incorrect that's what singers make, Diplomats make somwhere around 50k to 100k per year.

Can famous singers sing at your birthday?

Depends on how much money you have...definatly not for free.

What is the typical beginning salary for singers?

It depends on how much money they get from their albums/singles

How much money does papa roach make?

Singers make up to like 500,000 or more, or less it depends mostly on popularity etc. Papa Roach makes 1,176.50 per tweet.