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Q: What band performed the song run away train?
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Who performed the song 'Train in Vain'?

The song "Train in Vain" was performed by British punk rock band "The Clash" on 1979. The song was part of a promotional third album "London Calling", which received an OS ranking of 8.6 in the National Polls.

What band performed 'The Zephyr Song'?

The song 'The Zephyr Song' was performed by the band called Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song was released on the band's 2002 album "By the Way" as a single.

What band performed the song Face Down?

According to Wikipedia - it was performed by the band 'The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus'

Who wrote the song long black train?

Josh Turner wrote the song "Long Black Train".

Which band performed the song 'Out of Space'?

"Out of Space" was performed by the English band The Prodigy. The song was the band's fifth single released in 1992. In 2005 "Out of Space" was released as a remix by Audio Bullys.

Who wrote the song- substitute?

The band "The who" wrote and performed the song "Substitute".

What band performed the song 'Get Down On It'?

The song Get Down On It was performed by Kool & The Gang which is a R&B, Funk and Pop band from the 1980's. It is also performed by a few different bands.

Who sings the song in the cingular commercial-just get to you?

the band Train

Who sings with the band Train in the song Bruises?

Ashley Monroe

Which band performed the song night owls?

Little River Band-1981

Which band performed the song Te Quiero Puta?

The song Te Quiero Puta was performed by German band "Rammstein", Released in March, 2006, The song was not actively promoted. The song itself is a combination of the band's usual loud heavy metal attack

What band performed the 2004 song 'I Still'?

The song I Still was performed by the popular music band the Backstreet Boys. It was the final song released on their 5th album. It was also never released in the USA.