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It's in the description of all his videos

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Q: What background music does troye sivan use?
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How do you put background music on iweb?

Use inspector panel in order to set a background music in your web-site.

What background music does Connor Franta use?

i wish i could answer you :(

Does Anyone know a tool that removes background static from music?

You can use audacity

What background music does JC Caylen use?

Feel the Love by Hoodie Allen!

Car commercial songs?

Most commercials use music to help draw in a potential customer. Car commercials use jungles and background music as well.

How do you make music on the computer?

You can use audacity to record your voice and add music to the background. There may be other ways but that is the one that I know of.

Where can you pay to use copyright songs as background music on your website in united kingdom?

See the PRS for Music site linked below.

How do you know if music is renaissance music?

Renaissance music started to use more polyphony than monophonic. It also started to have music in the background, compared to a Capella. The music was used to entertainment and not just for religious purposes.

Is it legal to use copyrighted songs as background music on your website?

Not unless you have permission from the copyright holder to do so.

Can you identify four basic ways that music can be used in television?

1) Commercial use (advertising Cd's, background music) 2) The background music and underscore of movies and television. 3) Various sound effects throughout programs that are produced by means of musical instruments. 4) In television programs where music is carried out or performed by actors and characters. (Musicals)

How do you get background music for videos?

Not sure what is meant. If you mean 'legal' to use music for backgrounds ? If so, that's called "buyout music". Do a google search and you'll find companies/studios who offer it.

How do you put music in your YouTube videos?

Putting music in your YouTube video is very simple. It is best to know the specifics of how copyright laws work. You can use music for personal use, for example for YouTube videos or for a school project. But you cannot use copyrighted music for commercial use, unless you have the rights. One way is to search for free music that is available in the public domain. You may also want to purchase a copy of the track you need from a digital music provider. Then, simply upload your video and add the music in the editing stage. You can also purchase background music from a company, they will search for appropriate music in their catalog and set the track as the background music of your YouTube video.