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Beyonce Single Ladies

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Q: What are the words on the vava dudu trench coat that Lady Gaga is wearing?
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Is Marianas trench better than Lady Gaga?

No, Lady Gaga is a LOT better than Marianas Trench

Was lady gaga wearing black at the Grammy's because of Houston's death?


Is ladygaga wearing a wig in her videos?

Lady gaga does indeed wear a wig its because well, she just likes wearing one her real hair colour is brown if you go on google/images and type in lady gaga there should be a picture of lady gaga in brown hair :-) glad to help with your questions!

Who is more famous Eminem or Lady Gaga?

Eminem and Lady Gaga are both famous for the wrong reasons. Eminem - Swearing, racism, abuse, violence Lady Gaga - Wearing attention, sexualized lyrics, seeking dresses, and copying Madonna Lady Gaga happens to be 'more' famous, however.

How can you get access to monster pit in born this way ball tour of lady gaga?

You must be first in line and must be wearing a lot of "freaky and Lady Gaga like" clothing.

Who designed Lady Gaga's weird shoes?

Lady Gaga is known for wearing weird shoes, as seen on American Idol and several award shoes. The designer of these weird shoes worn by Lady Gaga is Alexander McQueen.

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or 30 Seconds to Mars?

lady gaga

What sunglasses is Lady GaGa wearing in her Supreme photo shoot?

I think they are something like Oaklies

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Mozart?

Lady GaGa

Who is more famous Voldemort or Lady Gaga?

Lady GaGa

Who is more famous James Brown or Lady Gaga?

Lady gaga

Who is more famous Stephen Hawking or Lady Gaga?

lady gaga