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The various genres and sub-genres of anime include action (fighting is dominant), adventure (lots of traveling), comedy (lots of laugh), drama (lots of emotion), Sci-fi (advanced technology), fantasy (magic) and many others.

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Q: What are the various genres and sub-genres of anime and what do they mean?
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What does moe mean in anime?

Anime is not a language.

What does anime mean in japan?

Anime is short for animation.

What does amv mean on anime?

AMV means anime music video

What does the word anime mean in English?

'Anime' is the Japanese abbreviation of animation .Anime is the Japanese abbreviation for animation.

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what do you mean by girls? you will have to tell a specific anime name for anyone to answer this question.

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アニメ (anime) is short for アニメーション (animation). To the Japanese, "anime" is any form of animated media in what we would consider "cartoons" in the West. However in the rest of the world, the term "anime" has been shifted to mean exclusively animation that comes from Japan.

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