What are the rules for a WWE lumberjack match?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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A WWE ladder match is when an item is placed above a ladder in the Wrestling ring, and the winner is the one to climb to the top and retrieve the object. One of the most famous types of ladder match is the Money in the Bank tournament where the object is a contract for an opportunity to compete for a future World Title match.

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The ring will be surrounded by wrestlers. If the two people fighting in the ring come out of the ring, the wrestlers outside can attack and throw them back into the ring.

The match can be won by either pin-fall or submission like regular matches

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Q: What are the rules for a WWE lumberjack match?
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no wwe games include lumberjack match, but hope so in wwe 12

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John Cena won the match. It was a 3 stages of hell match. Ryback won the Lumberjack match but Cena won the Tables match and the Ambulance match to win the match 2-1 and retained his WWE Title

What are the rules for WWE tables match?

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