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The names of the Twilight movies are the same as the name of the books. There is Twilight, the first movie of the saga. Then there is New Moon, which is the second installment of the saga. Next, there is Eclipse, the third movie. Then, most recently released, is Breaking Dawn, which is broken into two parts.

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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn :)

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Q: What are the names of twilight movies?
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What are the twilight movies' names?

They are called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (although the last was split into two parts).

What are the names of the twilight movies out now?

Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse and then Breakin Dawn comes out well Part One any way!

Is twilight still at the movies?

no twilight is not in the movies. however twilight is out on DVD on the 22nd of April in Australia.

What are the names of all the twilight series that are made into movies?

The books from the twilight series that have been made into movies are; Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. The last book, Breaking Dawn is being made into 2 parts. The first part is set to be out on November 18, 2011.

What are all the twilight movies?


Are all of The Twilight Saga movies PG?

No, the Twilight Saga movies are PG-13.

Do the Twilight movies have a website?

The website for all the Twilight movies can be found in the related links.

How many movies did you do?

5 movies Twilight Twilight new moon Twilight eclipse Twilight breaking dawn part 1 Twilight breaking dawn part 2

Do you italicize Twilight Series in an essay?

yes, you should always italicize names of movies, books or similar in essays or stories alike.

Will all the original characters be in all The Twilight Saga movies?

Yes the original characters will be in the Twilight saga movies and there will be more characters in the new movies.

How many twilight new moon movies is there?

I think there are four twilight movies, but only one is titled "new moon".

Are you a fun of Twilight movies?

Yes wikianswers is a fan of Twilight :D