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Ginger roots

black elder flowers

peppermint leaves

juniper berries


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Q: What are the ingredients of Pepper-Up Potion?
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How do you find the ingredients for the potion in the potion rooms on Lego Harry Potter?

You have to look around the potion room to find the ingredients.

What is in a potion?


What in real life Items look like Potion Ingredients?

Cooking ingredients.

What is a potion?

A potion is a mixture of ingredients which is thought to achieve a specific effect though the use of magik.

How do you direct sell potion ingredients on howrse?

dont no

How do you make a potion on howrse?

The potion contest is over. You would of got equus for that ingredients that you didn't use.

What are the ingredients Harry Dresden ues for his potions in the Dresden Files series?

Each potion he makes has seven ingredients. Each of the ingredients are based on what he wants the potion to do. It also has a liquid base The first five are based on the five senses, something that can connect the sense with the intent of the potion. The sixth is for intellect and the seventh is for will.

On runescape how do you make a guthix balance potion?

To make a Guthix Balanced potion the follow ingredients are required. A garlic Balanced Potion and Silver dust. Mixing all three will make a potion good for three servings.

How do you make a potion?

It depends to the type of potion you want to make, however a potion consists of herbs and water and other magical ingredients. There are many different potions and different ingredients. You must know very well what you are doing because some herbs are poisonous and potions can be dangerous.

What salt is in the Draught of living death potion?

No kind of salt is in the list of ingredients to make the Draught of Living Death in Advanced Potion Making.

Where did Harry Potter buy his potion ingredients while staying at the leaky cauldron?

He bought the ingredients ai Diagon Alley.

Where are the ingredients for the potion in Poptropica?

The coconut milk is in the begining the bone and powder are in the cave