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There are two endings to this game, obviously, as it's one of the games biggest appeals. The "Light Side" and the "Dark Side" The "Light Side" ending is when the player chooses to fight Darth Vader, or the Emperor, and chooses the Emperor, after fighting him and some Royal Guards the final sequence is initiated by pressing the X button (Xbox 360, the version I have) and then Malek (the player) moves in to kill the Emperor, but Rahm Kota tells Malek that he's been beaten and the fight is over, when the Emperor uses force lightening against Kota and then Malek jumps between them, and blocking the lightning with his own. Upon moving closer to the Emperor, the allies run to the Rogue Shadow, Malek's private ship and escape, while the lightning overloads and kills Malek. The "Dark Side" ending is when Malek chooses to fight Vader instead of the Emperor and then kills Vader, however, Malek then tries to kill the Emperor, who in turn, kills Malek with his own ship, the Rogue Shadow. Malek then awakens in the same medical chamber he did earlier in the game, which may also be the same chamber Darth Vader awoke in at the end of Episode 3 (Revenge of the Sith), being dressed in new armour, kind of like Vader's own, with the Emperor giving him a speech on how useless Vader had become and that, one day, Malek himself would be cast aside as Vader was. As this ends the Emperor orders his armour finished. And the Sith Stalker is born. After this ending is chosen the Sith Stalker costume is available and is what the player is automatically dressed in when he/she replays a level of the game, it can be changed though. *Deep breath* There, glad to be of assistance

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There are two endings to The Force Unleashed:

In the light side ending (which really occurs in the Star Wars timeline) Galen chooses to go after Emperor Palpatine. After a long battle, Galen has the Emperor defeated on the floor. As he is about to kill him, Master Rahm Kota tells you to stop. Killing in anger will only bring him back to the dark side. They begin to walk away when Emperor Palpatine hits Rahm Kota with his force lightning. Galen steps in front of the force lightning and the two are locked into it. Galen tells the others to go and gradually gets closer to Emperor Palpatine. Suddenly, there's a large explosion of energy and this allows time for the rebels to get away. Galen is killed and Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine live. This is also the start of the Rebellion as Princess Leia reveals the symbol for the Rebellion.

The dark side ending has Galen choosing to fight Darth Vader. After that long battle, Vader is defeated and you take his place as the successor to the throne. However, Emperor Palpatine tells you to strike down Rahm Kota. Instead, you choose to fight Palpatine. He easily strikes you down and brings the rebels ship on top of you which kills everyone. You later wake up in the same fashion Vader did and most of your flesh is replaced with grafted metal and you become the Sith Stalker and Emperor Palpatine's apprentice.

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Well there are 2 different endings depending on who you choose to be your last boss battle. But in the canon ending, while Starkiller engages in a duel with the Emperor, he manages to free Senators Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and Mon Mothma, and Jedi General Rahm Kota and they escape aboard the Rogue Shadow piloted by the woman Starkiller loves, Juno Eclipse. But since the Emperor's powers were overwhelming, Starkiller sacrificed himself in order for the rebels to escape safely. Darth Vader and the Emperor then make a promise to hunt down every rebel and destroy them. On Kashyyyk, the Rebel Alliance is officially born and they decide to use Starkiller's family crest as the symbol for their alliance. Kota reveals to Juno that he knew all along that Starkiller was the one who nearly killed him, but revealed that he joined them due to him sensing Starkiller's love for Juno, regarding her as "the one thing he always held on to."

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There are two endings, depending on if you choose to kill Vader or not.

If you try to kill him, Dark Apprentice appears, kills you, Rahm Kota, and the Rebels on the tower.

if you spare Vader, you survive, Vader gets captured (but if you know Episode IV, not for long), and you fly off with Juno, and live happily ever after (unless they make a Force Unleashed 3).

Hope this was helpful!

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Q: What are the endings to Star Wars the force unleashed?
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