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The codes for a JWIN DVD Player are 0390,0893,0895, and 1108. These codes are universal and should work with any remote that is compatible with your DVD player.

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they dont work with a GE 7252 REMOTE

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Q: What are the codes for a jwin DVD player?
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It means that the DVD will play in any DVD player . (It's also a sign that the DVD is probably a "Boot-leg" copy and cheats the creators of any royalties.)

What is the difference between CD recorder and DVD recorder?

Ones called a CD whilst the others called a DVD. With out going into extremely technical dater like wave lengths and spectrum the main differences are the a CD recorder or burner will burn 700mb of dater onto a disk and is many used for music . A DVD recorder / burner will record up to 4.7 gigs of dater onto a single CD over 6 times the amount of dater and is manly used for video DVD disk single sided are worth around $1 each thou the price is dropping everyday Dual layer DVD which hold 9 gigs of dater are worth around $5 each and also dropping in price CD 700mb disks are around 50c each and also falling in price Please not that they are cheaper to buy in bulk EX 100 DVDs for 50 or 60 bucks sometimes cheaper When using stranded products like a stranded DVD player or standard CD player only music can be played back on a CD and can not contain any video How ever when using a CD or DVD player in a computer this changes and you can then burn your media as dater and have 4.7 gigs of music on a DVD player but this can mostly played on a computer and not a house hold player EG car stereo SO all depends on what application u are using the DVD or CD recorder for. If the item is to instil into a computer then a DVD player will do the job of a CD Burner but a CD play will not do what a DVD will. In other words a computers DVD player will play and burn all CDs and DVDs How ever if you are buying a product that is a standalone ( not to be used in a computer ) then u will find most DVD players will play Audio CDs and MP3 as well as DVD VCD etc CD players will not play DVD disks no mater how they are formatted but 99% of DVD player will play CDs depending on how the dater is formatted. Ya all very confusing i know sorry but i made it as basic as i could CD = Compact Disk DVD= Digital Video Disk

Can you record video on to a CD-r?

no you can not, if you do so your DVD player will read it as just songs and will not show a picture. but if your really curious i would go for it and try and see what happens No, you can't. If you burn video to a CD-r, you would only get the sound rather than the video. What's more, you need a DVD burner to the video to a DVD disc, then you could play it on a DVD player. Here I recommend a DVD burner software which can convert and burn many popular video files ( like AVI, MPG, MPEG, RM, RMVB, MP4, WMV, MOV and so on) to DVD.

Where can you vent DVD in Seattle?

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universal code is 0542, 0644

I Need the parental code to unlock cars tv DVD player?

Try the codes 0000, 1234 and 4567. If those don't work, google the model of the DVD player.

What is the code to make your DVD player a multi region DVD player?

It varies based on the brand and model of your DVD Player. Type your players brand and model number into google along with 'hack code' and you should be able to find codes to change the region code on your player.

What is the Sony Mv-65st DVD player remote programming codes?

password parental control

What are the codes from a Zenith Universal remote to a Mitsubishi television?

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What is the dish network control code for a Philips DVD player?

The only codes available for a Philips DVD player are 766, 554, 803, 804, 556, 801, 802, 585, 678.

What are the visio tv codes for Samsung DVD?

Here are some codes you can try for the Samsung DVD player: 881, 755, 738, 517, 579, or 591. If you need further assistance, please let me know. Thanks.

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