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if they like...

cooking-cake boss, ultimate bake off,cupcake wars,anything on food netwoork or th cooking channel

reality shows-anything on TLC


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some good TV shows are :


Big Time Rush


However if he/she is mature enough maybe:


30 Rock

The Simpsons

Family Guy


The Big Bang Theory

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degrassi is the best tv show for middle school students

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well some are h2o just add water and ten things i hate about you and other stuff

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Q: What are the best tv shows for middle school teens to watch?
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How many teens watch reality television shows?

i would say a lot because a lot of teens watch the Jersey Shore.

Why do teenagers and adults choose to watch grown up shows?

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They expect the teenagers to be more mature now, and the teens sometimes feel that they have outgrown cartoons.

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Depending on the age and maturity level of the teen, as well as whether one is concerned about the Bravo TV channel in the US or the Bravo TV channel offered in the UK, any of the programming may be suitable for teens. When in doubt, it is best for parents particularly of young teens to watch portions of the programming and determine on an individual basis what is and is not appropriate for their children to watch.

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i do think they should keep their baby if they are ready for it. If they know it for a fact that they do not want to give their baby up and wants to keep it then teens if you are in the middle of junior high or high school find a trusted adult to watch your baby through out the day and when you get home and get your business done then spend time with your baby so they know who their mom is thanks for your time please please teens take my advice

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