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Q: What are the bad guys called in WWE?
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Who was the first one in the WWE?

It was vince McMahon jr. and 2 guys called the good guy and the bad guy in 1950's

What is a heel on WWE?

A heel on WWE is a villain character A heel on WWE is the bad guys or girls who everyone boos at. A face on WWE is the good or girls that everyone cheers for.

Does Mexico have bad guys?

Yes, all countries in the world have bad guys, including Mexico. It is called "human nature".

What are bad guys in Egypt called?

Terrorist's stupid

What were the 2 sides of World War 1 called?

The good guys (Us) and the bad guys(Them)

What were the bad guys called in world was 1?

Axis Powers

Where are all the bad guys on poptropica?

in a place called the docks

How many guys wrestle in the WWE?

about 93

What wrestlers that were in the WWE are in UFC?

Those Guys =)

Are hawkman and hawkgirl good guys or bad guys?

Bad guys

The bad guys on Get Smart worked for a group called MAYHEM?

The name was "Kaos" .

Who are the bad guys in true lives of the fabulous killjoys called?

Dracs or Draculoids