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advantages and disadvantages of watching drama

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching sitcoms dramas reality shows and sports?
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Why are sitcoms funny?

Sitcoms can be funny if the viewer connects it to their own personal life. But some sitcoms are stupid and viewers get pleasure off of watching the characchters run around and make problems for themselves

Is it true or false that watching only sitcoms will make you a class clown when you are older?

no its ur choice what u be

Why are sitcoms dramas reality shows and sports evil shows to watch?

Mainly because of misrepresentation of certain groups

Why should people stop watching only cartoons by the age of 18 and over?

I know huh, that's what happens when you watch sitcoms and dramas

What are the main differences between an 18 year old watching only cartoons and an 18 year old watching only sitcoms?

for cartoon fanatics they always get the good laugh, for sitcom viewers they get the routinary good laugh.

Is hulu going to get more sitcoms?

They add sitcoms all the time.

Why do university girls insult you for watching cartoons as a university guy?

Most people in their late teens and early 20s rarely watch them, they mostly watch dramas, sitcoms and the news

Why does your mom want you to watch sitcoms and dramas if you are a 23 year old man who watches cartoons everyday?

because they are way more age appropriate than watching cartoons

What does watching sitcoms and dramas have to do with gaining life experience as an adult?

Sadly sitcoms and dramas give little to no advice on gaining life experience as many of these tv shows are fiction. The best way to gain life experience is to communicate with an older relative or someone you know who has gone through most their life and is successful at it.

Which sitcoms show examples of a dysfunctional family?

There are many sitcoms that show example of this popular theme. Sitcoms with examples of dysfunctional families include The Simpsons, Family Guy, and the Addams from the Addams Family.

In a recent survey it was observed that many Asian youths have started watching American sitcoms. Moreover they have started adopting American lifestyles as well. This is an example of?

Culture Fusion

Are there many television job opportunities for a cameraman?

Oh yes there are many opportunities for cameramen! Ranging from news casts to night time sitcoms to reality tv, there are a number of choices for an educated and able cameraman.