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From what I understand and have heard, there was no Cholo in real life. The movie just put that character in there to make it a little bit better.

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Q: What are the accomplishments of angel guzman from stand and deliver?
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In the movie Stand and Deliver why does Mr.Escalante give Angel 3 books instead of 2?

Mr. Escalante gives Angel 3 so he can have one at home, one for his locker and one in his backpack. Angel has multiple books so that it he doesn't look like he's studying by carrying around the textbook, save face and keep looking cool.

Why did angel bring his grandmother to mr escalante's house during Stand and Deliver?

To coax Mr. Escalante to allow him back into class. Angel had recently been told to get out of the class and quit wasting every body's time when he showed up to class after partying the night before. In the Chicano/Latino culture, there is a major respect to the elders such as Angel's grandmother. And it was a way to get his grandmother to plead to Mr. Escalante to allow Angel back into the AP math class. It showed that Angel was willing to go to any lengths, and that he was serious about his education, he just used his "street" smarts to accomplish it. And after this scene, Angel was in the class again.

Why is Stand and Deliver rated PG?

The movie Stand and Deliver is rated PG because it has some inappropriate language and actions. Otherwise, this movie is touching and inspirational. I recommend this movie for viewers over the age of 12-13.

What 1988 movie was inspired by real-life math teacher Jaime Escalante who worked with inner city high school students in east Los Angeles?

Stand And Deliver.

In the movie stand and deliver what choices did the students have when mr escalante took over the class?

they could get a better eduction in math so they could have a better career than their parents have

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What character did Lou diamond Phillips play in stand and deliver?

Angel Guzman

What does angel give mr escalente in return for the 3 books stand and deliver?

In the movie "Stand and Deliver," Angel gives Mr. Escalante a new briefcase as a gift in return for the three math textbooks that Mr. Escalante loaned him. The gesture symbolizes Angel's appreciation for Mr. Escalante's support and belief in his potential.

What was dick Turpin's famous saying?

Stand or deliver! Stand and deliver!

What is the moral of the movie stand and deliver?

what is the moral lesson in the movie stand and deliver

Where was stand and deliver filmed?

What does the letters in angel stand for?

Angel is a word not an acronym.

What did the highwaymen say?

Stand and deliver!

What life lessons can you learn from stand and deliver?

there are alot of them but two i can think of at the top of my head is people can out you down but its your choice to get back up and always belive in yourself.

Which company offers stand and deliver services?

Stand and Deliver is the name of a company founded by Steve Adubato. Stand and Deliver offers one on one coaching, development, and training designed to give leadership skills to up and coming business professionals.

What does the DID stand for in DID Electrical?

"deliver, install,demonstrate"

What is the highwaymen's catch phrase?

Stand and deliver.

What are the release dates for Decision - 1958 Stand and Deliver - 1.7?

Decision - 1958 Stand and Deliver - 1.7 was released on: USA: 17 August 1958