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Look in the link below:

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Q: What are the Tour dates for 02 London Michael Jackson?
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Where was Michael Jackson's last tour going to be?


Was Michael Jackson's This Is It tour going to be in London?

Yes it was supposed to start off in London.

Who helped Michael Jackson get fit for his London tour?

Lou Ferrigno.

What is Michael Jackson's 2009 tour schedule what countries is he touring to and when?

Michael is not doing a world tour, he will only be performing in London, if you want to know the dates please check out the link below:

What venue is Michael Jackson's this it tour playing?

"This Is It" is playing at the 02 arena in London.

What is Michael Jackson going to do next?

His 50 day tour in London. It was sold out in a matter of a week!

Where in Britain did Michael Jackson announce his tour dates?

in London at the o2 where he will be doing his this is it conserts at the 8th of July this year soz all tickets are sold out know wonder.

Is Michael Jackson ever touring in California?

No he isn't, this is his last tour EVER and all shows are in London.

Is Michael Jackson doing a concert tour and is he coming to Virginia beach or at least someplace here?

Sorry but Michael is only performing in London.

Who was helping Michael Jackson get fit for the London England tour?

Lou Ferrigno. He's a pretty buff guy.

Did the this is it tour happen?

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT tour concerts were cancelled due to Michael Jackson's death R.I.P FOREVER THE KING OF POP

What was the name of the 1987 Michael Jackson tour?

Bad World Tour