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He didn't tour in 2009, he died before the first show took place.

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Q: How long was Michael Jackson's 2009 tour?
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What were the names of Michael Jackson's concerts?

Michael Jackson had many many concert with Jackson 5 and The Jacksons but the tours that defined him most were his solo tours Bad, Dangerous and HIStory. The biggest one when he was still with the Jacksons is claimed to be the Victory tour.

What actors and actresses appeared in Yusuf the Roadsinger Tour - 2009?

The cast of Yusuf the Roadsinger Tour - 2009 includes: Cat Stevens as himself

How many concerts did Michael Jackson do in Colorado?

Its unclear the exact number he did in his lifetime, but it can probably be estimated to 400-500 total. Here's a description of all the concerts and tours he has done in his lifetime as a J5 member and solo artist. This Is It Tour Michael Jackson was scheduled to play 50 dates at the London 02 Arena commencing July 2009 and running through to March 2010. Rehearsal footage has been recorded and may well be released in the future. AEG LIVE may endeavour to bring the show to life as a form of tribute to the late Michael Jackson who died 3 weeks before it was due to commence. HIStory Tour September 7, 1996 - October 15, 1997. The first leg of the HIStory Tour began in Prague, Czech Republic at Letna Park on September 7, 1996, and ended in Honolulu, Hawaii at Aloha Stadium on January 4, 1997. The second leg of the tour began in Bremen, Germany at Weserstadion on May 31, 1997 and ended in Durban, South Africa at King's Park Rugby Stadium on October 15 1997. During the HIStory tour, Michael performed 82 concerts in 58 cities to over 4.5 million fans.The HIStory Tour visited 5 continents and 35 countries. Dangerous Tour June 27, 1992 - November 11, 1993 The Dangerous Tour began in the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany on June 27, 1992. Michael performed 18 numbers, 4 from the "Dangerous" album, to a sell out crowd of 72,000. The second leg of the tour began in August 1993 and ended with 5 sold out concerts in Mexico City with an audience of at least 500,000 people. The remainder of the tour was cancelled due to illness. During the Dangerous tour Michael performed for approximately 3.5 million people in 67 concerts. Michael donated the proceeds from his tour to charities, including the Heal The World Foundation. Bad Tour September 12, 1987 - January 24, 1989. The Bad Tour was Michael Jackson's first solo tour. The tour began with 14 sell out concerts at the Korakuen Stadium, Yokohama, on September 12, 1987. The U.S.A leg of the Bad Tour began in Kansas city to 2 sell-out concerts in Kemper Arena, bringing in $700,000 and $200,000 more than any other artist at the venue. The European leg of the tour was kicked off with 2 concerts at Flaminio Stadium, Rome. While performing in London, England Michael breaks a world record (as shown in the Guinness Book Of World Records) with 504,000 people attending 7 sold out shows at Wembley Stadium, more than any other artist. The 123rd and final show took place in Los Angeles at the Sports Arena on January 24, 1989. Bad World Tour figures total 123 concerts to 4.4 million people. The 16 month tour grossed over $125 million, more than any other entertainer had on a single tour. During the tour Michael invited underprivileged children to watch him perform, and contributed to hospitals, orphanages, and other charities. Victory Tour July 6, 1984 - December 9, 1984. In 1984, The Jacksons toured across the U.S.A and Canada for 5 months with the Victory Tour. The tour began in Kansas city, Arrowhead Stadium, July 6, 1984 and ended December 9, 1984 in Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles. During the 55 concerts that were performed, over 2 million people attended. A record $75 million was grossed. Michael donated $5 million to charities, all proceeds he collected from the tour. Thanks to Michael, Pepsi-Cola over-took their arch rivals Coca Cola for the first time. It was at the last show of the tour that Michael annouced his split from The Jacksons. This was the last tour that Michael participated in with "The Jacksons", however Michael went on to tour several more times as a solo artist. Triumph Tour 1981 The Jacksons' 1981 Triumph Tour began in Memphis, Tennessee, and concluded in Los Angeles. The Jacksons set a record breaking 4 sold out concerts in Los Angeles. Katherine Hepburn, a close friend of Michael's, attended a Jacksons concert at Madison Square Garden. The Triumph Tour was a 39 city tour of the U.S.A. Destiny Tour 1979 The Jacksons' began a world tour to promote the "Destiny" album on January 22, 1979 with their opening concert in Bremen. Countries that were visited included Britain, Holland, France, and Kenya. During the spring of 1979 the Jacksons performed some concerts in Britain. April 14, 1979 the Jackson's began their U.S tour in Cleveland, Ohio and finished in Washington, D.C after visiting 80 U.S cities. 1978 Tour The Jacksons began a world tour which included Europe and the U.S.A. on January 22, 1978. 1977 Tour The Jacksons began a two and a half week tour of Europe. This tour inlcuded the Royal Command Performance at King's Hall, Glascow, Scotland as part of the queens Silver Jubilee celebrations. 1975 Tours In January of 1975 the Jackson 5 toured the West Indies. On February 7, 1975 the Jackson 5 performed in concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Approximately mid-February the Jackson 5 returned to Britain for a concert tour. 1974 Tours January 29, 1974 the Jackson 5 embarked on a one week stay to Africa on their African tour. They were greeted by a group of dancers and drummers at the airport. On February 22, 1974 the Jackson 5 performed in Houston, Texas. From April 9, 1974 - April 24, 1974 the Jackson 5 played shows at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The shows broke attendence records. During May 1974 the Jackson 5 performed a series of concerts in Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Europe. From July 19, 1974 - August 16, 1974 the Jackson 5 toured several venues in the U.S beginning in Pittsburgh and ending in Minnesota. On August 17, 1974 the Jackson 5 were featured at the World Expo in Spokane, Washington. From August 21 - Septmeber 3, 1974 the Jackson 5 returned to Las Vegas and the MGM Grand Hotel for another series of shows. From September 4, 1974 - October 1, 1974 the Jackson 5 toured South America with concerts which included Panama, Venezuela and Brazil. From October 7, 1974 - November 1, 1974 the Jackson 5 toured the Far East with concerts that included Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the Phillippines. From November 20, 1974 - December 3, 1974 the Jackson 5 returned to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for another series of shows. 1973 Tours During March the Jackson 5 performed in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. From April 22, 1973 - May 3, 1973 The Jackson 5 toured Japan. During May 1973 the Jackson 5 performed a series of concerts in the U.S. In late June 1973/early July 1973 the Jackson 5 became the first black group to ever tour Australia. They also held concerts in New Zealand. From July 20, 1973 - Septmeber 2, 1973 the Jackson 5 tour the U.S. The group starts in Pittsburgh and ends in Honolulu. Jackson 5 - International Tour In October 1972, the Jackson 5 embarked on their first-ever International tour. Some concerts included stops at Munich, Paris, and 4 British cities. The Jackson 5 broke the Liverpool Empire attendance records, previously held by the Beatles. They also performed the Royal Command Performance in the presence of the Queen Mother. Jackson 5 - U.S Tour Late 1971 The Jackson 5 toured the U.S, peforming in 50 cities. Jackson 5 - Second National Tour In the summer of 1971 the Jackson 5 embarked on their second national tour. The group played 40 concerts in the U.S which included the cities; Milwaukee, Philadelphia and New York City. The opening act was The Commodores, featuring Lionel Richie. The tour ended in Honolulu on September 12, 1971 Jackson 5 - First National Tour On October 9, 1970 the Jackson 5 embarked on their first national tour. The group visited cities across the U.S including Boston, Cincinnati, Tennessee and New York City. On January 31, 1970 the Jackson 5 returned home for the first time since moving to California.

What exactly was Tatiana for Michael Jackson?

The co-lead (after Michael) dancer for 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video & also for the Bad Tour.

Are take that doing another tour?

they aren't doing a 2008 tour but it is almost certain that a tour will take place in 2009 anbd a new album should be out by Christmas 08

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Michael Jackson today at 2009?

Unforunly Michael Jackson is no longer wih us. He died in June. He was officaliy put to rest in September. But Michael jacksons Producers for his tour this is it MADE A MOVIE OF ALL HIS CONCERt REHERSALS..

Did Michael Jackson do a world tour in 1984?

The Jacksons did the Victory Tour in 1984 but only in the US and Canada, Michael's first solo world tour was in 1987.

What was the name of Michael Jacksons planned tour that was cancelled when he died?

His last tour that he actually got to do was the HIStory World Tour in 1996, if he was alive This Is It would have been the last one.

What concert did eddy van halen and Michael Jackson proform together?

Jacksons Victory tour in LA in 1984

What were the names of Michael Jackson's concerts?

Michael Jackson had many many concert with Jackson 5 and The Jacksons but the tours that defined him most were his solo tours Bad, Dangerous and HIStory. The biggest one when he was still with the Jacksons is claimed to be the Victory tour.

Where has Michael Jackson performed?

Actually, yes! He performed a concert with his brothers as part of The Jacksons in their Destiny Tour in 1979. Then, Michael as a solo artist performed 3 dates in 1988 as part of his Bad Tour.

How long is the warped tour 2009?

Warped tour is 2/3 months long.

Is there going to be a show about Michael Jackson's brothers?

Yes, the Jackson brothers have a reality show called The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, it will follow them as they prepare for a tour and see to how they cope with Michael's death, it will air Dec. 13 on A&E.

Did a Michael Jackson impersonator announce This Is It?

He announced his comeback tour on March 5th.

What is Michael Jackson's 2009 tour schedule what countries is he touring to and when?

Michael is not doing a world tour, he will only be performing in London, if you want to know the dates please check out the link below:

When did Michael Jackson finish the with the Jackson 5?

He actually announced during the final tour with the Jackson 5, then known as The Jacksons, that he was leaving and that the Victory tour would be their last tour together. After that he released Bad and the rest is history. His 30th anniversary concert was the first time that all of the brothers had performed together since the Victory Tour, and at the time they were trying to talk Michael into a reunion tour, but then the second allegations against Michael happened and all of it was canceled.

What is the value of a 1984 Jacksons world tour pepsi can never opened?