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they aren't doing a 2008 tour but it is almost certain that a tour will take place in 2009 anbd a new album should be out by Christmas 08

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Q: Are take that doing another tour?
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When is Michael Jackson doing another tour?

Never, he's dead.

Is Miley Cyrus doing another UK tour?

hope not she should come to Vancouver

Are the Jonas brothers touring after burnin up?

After the Burnin' Up Tour, they'll be doing another (Their first World Tour) in early 2009.

Are Jonas brothers doing a concert?

They did a world tour in 2009. But they will do another 1 this year ! (can't wait)

What date does the N-Dubz UK tour start?

It's already finished. They should be doing another tour later this year/early next year though.

Has the glee tour ever come to Ireland?

no, they haven't come to Ireland. but next year they are doing another tour and they are going to be coming to more places like England and maybe Ireland.

When does the one direction tour finish?

It finishes in December 2012. Then there doing another one in 2013 :). They finish both by 2014 ^_^.

Are the Killers doing a 2010 tour?

They did tour during 2010, yes.

Why did Justin Bieber have a uk tour?

Justin bieber is currently doing a tour in the UK but will be doing one l8r this year

Are John and Edward doing a tour?

They are doing the X Factor live tour next year and that's all I know.

Is Penn Masala doing a tour?

"Sadly at the moment the band ""Penn Masala"" is currently not doing a tour anywhere in the world. In fact their last tour was back in April of this year"

Is there going to be a paramore tour in 2010?

Yes They are doing the Honda Civic tour