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Q: What are techniques eternal magekyou sharigan?
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Who is Tobi from Naruto because you never watch that show and your friend is obsessed with it so you just want to know a little bit about it Can anybody help please?

Tobi is Madara Uchiha, the same person who challanged the Shodaime Hokage at the Valley of the End. He also used his Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan to control Kyuubi into attacking the leaf village (Konoha). He is also the leader of Akatsuki.

Are Madara and Tobi the same?

Yes, he is. As of Naruto chapter 599, it is confirmed that "Tobi" is in fact Obito Uchiha. After a cave-in supposedly "killed" his body, he was rescued by an elderly Madara Uchiha using the Gedo Mazo statue to preserve his life. Once Madara died, Obito adopted his name and carried on his plan, under the assumption that because Rin was gone, life had no purpose.

How strong is Tobi in naruto?

Tobi is Madara Uchiha who is very powerful. He has the eternal mangekyo sharingan and also the power to control the nine tailed fox. The fox said to sasuke that Madara Uchiha is really strong.

How is byakugan similar to the sharingan?

The Byakugan is much better because the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan. That means the Sharingan was CREATED from the Byakugan. Just because the Byakugan can see chakra points, and the Sharingan has heightened skills or abilities, the Byakugan is still better, without the Byakugan, there is no Sharingan.

What would happen if a eternal mangekyo user transplanted another eternal mangekyo?

Maybeit is impossible because there is only one person Uchiha Madara) with the eternal mangekyou. But even if there was another there would be no need for the transplant because the eternal mangekyou is very powerfull.

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What power has itachi has given to naruto?

?A sharigan power in which if Sasuke ever decided to obtain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan, it would automatically shut down , giving Naruto the chance to defeat him. Unfortunately, it was wasted with the battle with Nagato in the Fourth Shinobi War and cannot be used for another 10 years.

Does a sharigan eye exist?

yes it does you have to get itachis sharigan by killing ur closest friend and you get the normal sharigan by closing ur eye tight and then opening it really really fast

Does Kakashi Hatake have the Mangekyou Sharigan?


What does izuna Uchiha sharigan do?

It has not been seen in action

What does izuna's mangenkyo sharigan do?

It has not been seen in action

Sasuke has a sharigan?

yes because he is in the uchiha clan.

Where does danzo get his sharigan from?

i don't know,and i don't think he gets sharingan

How do you do tobi's Mangekyou sharigan in NTSD 2.2?

Try Defend, Down, Jump

What is the most powerful sharigan in Naruto?

This depends on who reached the highest level of sharingan

How do you unlock sharigan kakshi in Naruto clash of ninja?

Unclock Win 150 Matches

What is the book number that Kakashi get the sharigan?

volume 27 emphazises on kakashi's background when he was with odito and when he got his sharingan

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