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Pitney Bowes offers postage ink, document handling supplies, label supplies, shipping supplies and printing supplies - everything you need for postage.

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Q: What are some supplies from Pitney Bowes?
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What does the company Pitney Bowes specialize in?

The company Pitney Bowes specializes in postage-related equipment. Some examples of the products they manufacture are postage scales and mail sorters.

Where can one purchase a Pitney Bowes postage meter?

Pitney Bowes brand postage meters can be purchased off of the official Pitney Bowes website. Alternatively, this product can also be found at Staples or your local postal office.

WHO made the pbc 1 copier from pitney bowes?

It was manufactured by Pitney Bowes in the US. The machine was based on a design by the Dutch firm OCE. It was first launched in 1975 and underwent a design overhaul in1977. Production ceased once PB began importing copiers from Ricoh in Japan. This was the only bond paper copier manufactured by PB although they did manufacture several wet toner copiers in the US prior to the PBC 1

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Is Mo Pitney related to Gene Pitney ?

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What does pitney bowes supplies specialize in?

Pitney Bowes specializes in postage meters and machines, and offers online postage services.

Where can you buy Pitney Bowes copiers?

When looking to purchase a Pitney Bowes copier it may be possible to purchase the desired model directly from the Pitney Bowes website. Pitney Bowes offers customers supplies and services copiers. The site also offers fax machines and printers.

How does one purchase pitney bowes supplies online?

Pitney Bowes (a manufacturer of shipping and mailing supplies) has its own website from which items can be ordered. Alternate sources are online companies specializing in mailing supplies.

What is pitney bowes?

The population of Pitney Bowes is 2,008.

What types of supplies does pitney bowes sell?

"Pitney Bowes sells various postage supplies such as postage meters and scales, printing systems, sorters and feeders, and paper products to businesses in many different regions in the world."

When was Pitney Bowes created?

Pitney Bowes was created in 1902.

What is Pitney Bowes's population?

The population of Pitney Bowes is 2,008.

How can one find out more about Pitney Bowes postage?

Information on Pitney Bowes postage services can be found on their website, PB. Some other sites that offer trials of their services are Pitney Works and Pitney Bowes Small Business.

What is the State of incorporation for Pitney Bowes?

Pitney Bowes Inc. is a Delaware corporation.

What services does Pitney Bowes offer to its customers?

Pitney Bowes offers a wide variety of printing and postage or mailing equipment. Some of these machines include postage machines, printers, and letter and paper folders. Typically, it supplies equipment used in a mailroom for larger companies.

What is the symbol for Pitney Bowes Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for Pitney Bowes Inc. in the NYSE is: PBI.

How much do you pay for postage and packaging with Pitney Bowes Supplies?

The postage and handling costs for a Pitney Bowes order will depend on the total weight of the items and the distance they will be travelling. You will be able to see these costs before finalizing your order.