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Q: What are some good Rage Against the Machine songs that feature no profanity?
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Does Shakira use profanity?

Shakira does not use profanity in her songs.

What is a good source for lyrics to Rage Against the Machine songs?

One can find some lyrics for the band's Rage Against The Machine songs online in the following websites: SongMeanings, MetroLyrics, Sing365 or Listology.

Does green day have swears in their songs?

Yes, maybe a quarter of all there songs have some profanity

Guitar Hero World Tour will have some songs that contain profanity so will you have to sing them when doing vocals?

No. Any profanity is edited out.

Does Lady Gaga use profanity in her songs?

Yes, there are both bad language and adult subject matter in many of her songs.

Is the sea of treachery a Christian band?

No because they use profanity in some of their songs but they do use christian themes in some of their songs

What songs of rage against the machine made it to the top 40 charts?

Rage Against The Machine did not even come close to having pop songs make the charts. But the group had lots of rock songs, including 4 #2 songs, Guerrilla Radio, Sleep Now in the Fire, Renegades of Funk, and remake of How I Could Just Kill a Man.

Did Tupac Shakur use profanity?

yes 2pac has cursed alot on his songs and off.

Is atreyu in any of the Guitar Hero?

No, in most everyone of their songs there is profanity. It's quite stupid.

What are some songs that relate to the book 1984?

Songs by Rage Against the Machine David Bowie's 1974 album 'Diamond Dogs' was inspired by George Orwell's '1984'.

What are some good songs by rage against the machine?

(just my opinion): No shelter - gurrila radio- maria - know your enemy

What are some good songs to have on while playing Call of Duty?

Im a barbie girl...... Not really. Try "killing in the name" by rage against the machine