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Four Year Strong

Escape The Fate

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ADTR rock

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Q: What are some bands like a day to remember?
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Emo bands that begin with a?

a day to remember, all-american rejects, the almost, the academy is. theses are just a few there are a lot more tho

What is jenny's favorite holiday?

Valentine's Day (Remember type it exactly like I did) ;)

What is the address for a day to remember fan mail?

hye kat i like you, and your per-famous

What are bands like escape the fate?

- Chiodos - Burden of a Day - LoveHateHero - Silverstein - Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Before Their Eyes - blessthefall - The Almost - Sparks the Rescue - Madina Lake - I Am Ghost - My American Heart - A Static Lullaby - Halifax - Funeral for a Friend - Alexisonfire - A Thorn for Every Heart - Finch - Thursday - From First to Last - The Used - Senses Fail - From Autumn to Ashes - Alesana - Vanna - Aiden - Hawthorne Heights - Vendetta Red - Saosin - Atreyu - My Chemical Romance - Scatter the Ashes

What bands do you like?

i like.... well i don't guess i am reallty into bands... jsut single singers... i like Green Day My Chemical romance and Fall Out Boy and 3 doors down and Goo Goo Dolls Me, I like mostly punk/goth and related bands. My favorite bands/singers at the moment are Scarling, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, The Horrorpops, and Charlotte Sometimes. yeah same here i like mcr fob slipknot redjumpsuit korn blink 182 metal head and a whole lot more u guy rock u have a well good taste in music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERGRASS!!!HARD-FI!!!STEREOPHONICS!!!RADIO-HEAD!!!SUPERNATURALS!!!THE ENEMY!!!EELS!!!FRATELLIS!!!THE STROKES!!! Get some Hendrix in ya

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What are the best hard core bands like parkway drive?

Hands down best Hardcore Bands like them is probably A Skylit Drive, Emmure, Breakdown of Sanity, A Day to Remember, and Stuff like that.

Okay i like bands such as A Day To Remember Escape The Fate Framing Hanley Etc Any more alternative bands like this?

Isles and Glaciers, pierce the veil, emarosa, the devil wears prada, etc.

Famous bands from Florida?

A Day To Remember, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Underoath

What are some good rock bands such as Foo Fighters A Day to Remember Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?

OneRepublic, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Train, Journey, Jack Johnson & John Mayer.

There were 5 bands that played in one day at Tampa Stadium in 1975. Who were the bands?

I believe your Refering to " The Florida Jam " ? Well for one there was KISS. I'll get back to you soon as I remember. Was there too!!

If you like paramore what other bands would you like?

I'm a really big fan of paramore, and other bands that i also like are Escape the Fate, My Chemical Romance, Flyleaf, Enter shikari, and a Day to Remember. Although most of these bands scream more often, i found that most people that like paramore also like a few of thesePanic! At The DiscoHighwaysCarsonTonight AliveMy ArcadeaThe MaddigansRadagunAloha from HellAway we goHaloceneHighwaysLost in AtlantisLyndellSay it backWe are the in crowedHedley (First Album Only)

Where can you get a rubber bracelet that says Homesick - A day to Remember?

Try hot topic. they have a whole wall with those bracelets with bands on them.

What bands have signed to Victory Records?

Victory Records founded in 1989 is an American record label based in Chicago. Current bands include A Day to Remember, Corpus Christi, Pathology and Taproot.

Good punk rock bands?

If you want good punk bands i would suggest all albums of Green Day. Other bands like Pink, The Misfits, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash and bands like that. Personally I'm a Green Day person. Blink 182 is pretty good, and Iggy and the Stooges.

How do you find good bands?

Here's a list a of bands I like: Alesana, BMTH, Silverstein, Asking Alexandria, Go radio, Hawthorne heights, A day to remember, Breathe carolina, Enter shikari, Bayside, Panic! at the disco, Paramore, Escape the fate, Atreyu. I am forgetting a whole lot

Who is the best rock band in the whole US?

atreyu, the devil wears prada, and a day to remember are the three best rock bands

What bands are similar to In Fear and Faith?

The Devil Wears Prada, Gwen Stacy, A Day to Remember and Chiodos are similar to In Fear and Faith.