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"Piggy's glasses flew off and tinkled on the rocks" (pg 65)

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Q: What are quotes about Piggy's glasses in Lord of the Flies?
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What are they doing in the forest in Lord of the Flies?

spraying them,swatting them,TOTALLY KILLING THEM!

In Lord of the Flies chapter 4 who finds Piggys glasses for him?

Simon retrieved Piggy's glasses for him, after they had fallen onto the rocks as a result of Jack punching Piggy.

In lord of the flies where does Jack find water?

In piggys asswhole

What doesn't piggys hair do in lord of the flies?

piggy's hair doesn't seem to grow

What does piggys name mean in lord of the flies?

Poeple use piggy as a name today to describe someone that mostly fat..............thats the basic reason ......(fact) :my nickname is piggy :)

What is Piggys main motivation in lord of the flies?

His main motivation is to secure safety for everyone and to wait to get rescued.

What does Piggys glasses symbolize in Lord of the Flies?

Piggy's glasses symbolise technology and science, they are also an outward indication of Piggy's intelligence. The glasses are the technology which provides the boys with fire. Piggy's spectacles are also the means by which Piggy is able to see clearly, both in reality and metaphorically.

What did piggys aunt do for a living lord of the flies?

i believe she cleaned houses or something of the likes, but im not sure. hope this helped

How do they start the fire on the mountain in The Lord of the Flies?

They cut wood and then used Piggy's glasses to reflect the sun so the wood would catch fire.

What does jack break in Lord of the Flies?

Piggy's glasses.

Lord of the flies why does jack's group sttack the four boys in their hut?

Jack want to steal Piggys specs and steal the fire.

What is the symbols in the lord of the flies chapter 4?

piggy's glasses.