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Q: What are horse riding trousers called?
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What is the name of a trousers designed to be worn when riding a horse?


What does jodphures mean?

they are most commonly used for horse riding. they are trousers that you were while horse rididng

What are riding trousers called Jodpurhs?

Do you mean why? I have no idea. I just enjoy riding.

What is a riding?

a riding horse is a horse you can ride. There is also a breed called Riding Pony.

What does breeches mean in horse riding?

Breeches or more properly riding breeches are the type of trousers people ware to ensure that they are not chaffed by the saddle when riding a horse. Frequently the inside of the breech thigh area will be reinforced with soft leather and the top of the legs will be cut loose while the breeches will be cut tight from the knee down so that the trousers will go snugly into the riding boots.

What type of trousers do you wear horseriding?

When you go horse riding you would normally wear a pair of trousers called jodhpurs. they are made with thick material and are close to your legs at all times. this is to a) make sure that they dont flap and accidentaly hit the horse and frighten it and b) for streamlining I hope that sums it up for you!

What is a website to get horse riding gear?

You can get horse riding gear at tack stores! riding gear is called "tack"

What is the horses name in the movie the clique?

The horse Massie is riding is called Brownie and the horse Chris Abeley is riding is called Tricky

Is there a horse called Hugo?

There is a horse called Hugo because at my old horse riding school there was a horse called Hugo. Unfortunatley i have forgotten the name of my old riding school because it has been such a long time.

What is riding a horse for fun called?

Realy all you would call riding a horse for fun is just horse riding because you are not having a lesson if you are riding a horse for fun other wise that would be called horse riding lesson. I have been horse riding for a while know and it is very fun and all i call it is horse riding. I hope this has answered your question!

What is horse riding called in German?


What is the skill of riding a horse called?

Horsemanship :)