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Finele Carpenter

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โˆ™ 2007-12-24 01:39:20
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Q: Who was the model riding the horse in the old jordache jeans commercials?
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Where to buy Jordache jeans?

WAL-MART, THEY ARE VERY CHEAP. I GOT MINE FOR $12.99 + TAX. you can also buy jordache jeans at macys but they are like 60 bucks!

What is better when riding a horse- skinny jeans or regular jeans?

Regular jeans would be better. More room to be flexible so you can move with the horse.

What do you need when riding a horse?

well the essentials are jeans, boots, a saddle, a saddle pad, a briddle with an apropiate bit,and of coarse a horse.

Designer jeans exclusive at sax 5th ave from 1970's?

Calvin Klein and Jordache, to name two.

Why are horse riding pants like that?

i go horse riding so i should know they are like that because when you are riding you want them to be fitted and stretchy so they are comfortable otherwise if you wear jeans or something like that you can't open your legs wide enough to sit on the horse never mind ride it

What do you need to ride your horse?

A saddle, saddle pad/blanket, bridle with appropriate bit, stirrups, riding helmet, jeans or riding pants, chaps or half chaps if you do not use tall boots, riding boots.

What is the name of the song for red camel jeans in the Belk commercials?

"Jeans On" by David Dundas.

Is blue jeans her favorite horse?

no it is her only horse but she loves blue jeans very much :)

What is the most popular brand of designer jeans in the USA?

The most popular brands of jeans in the USA are Jordache, Guess, South Pole, and Gap because they are of high quality and are very well known and have been for years.

What are western riding pants called?

Well you always wear jeans when you're western riding, but the pants that go over your jeans are called chaps.

What kind of horse breed is miley's horse?

If you are referring to blue jeans, then your question is incorrect. however, her other horse is a quarter horse. blue jeans is not her horse. take note of this.

Who is the black actress in the Lee jeans commercials?

I think she is Bianca DeGroat, who also did CyberChase on PBS and some other commercials.

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