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Okay you can't really say "All ages" so I've created three lists for different age groups.

(Each list contains five different anime)

Girls Aged 3-12

1. Mew Mew Power 2. Sailor Moon 3. DiGi Charat 4. Pokemon (Its kinda boyish but its okay) 5. Kikis Delivery service (Movie) 6. Cardcaptor Sakura 7.Yu-Gi-Oh (I think)

Girls Aged 13-20

1. One Piece 2. Fairy Tail 3. Ichigo 100% 4. Special A 5. Oran High school host club 6. Naruto 7. Death Note 8. Vampire Knight 9. Yumeiro Patissiere/Professional 10. SHugo Chara (If you don't mind the crappy ending) 11. Fruits Basket 12. Tsubasa Chronicles 13.Kaichou WA maid- sama 14.Skip Beat 15. Fullmoon wo sagashite

(In no particular order)

Girls Aged 20-30

1. Elfen Lied (sorry if i spelt it wrong) 2. Hellsing (YAY VAMPIRES!) 3. Death Note 4. Inuyasha 5. Gundam SEED Destiny

Okay I may have forgotten about a few other good anime for girls. If I have I am totally sorry!!!

i think vampire knight,shugo chara,fruits basket,andkaichou wa maid-sama are fine but they have some bed words

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#10- Chidori Kaname- ultra Manic

#9- Lucy- Elfien lied

#8- Shana- shakugan no shana

#7-Nami- One Piece

#6-Misa Amane- Death note

#5- Lucy Heartfillia- Fairy Tail

#4- Moka Akashiya- Rosario + Vampire

#3- Satsuki Kitaouji- Ichigo 100%

#2- Revy- Black lagoon

#1- Aya Toujo- Ichigo 100%

Hope i helped!

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Ouran Highschool Hostclub a lovely story with a fun hint of humor to carry us along. A bit of a love story and show's how friend's make a bond so strong it's played out like a family with the most hilarious position's of that family though with mommy and daddy dearest such a hilarious must see romantic/comedy the first anime i ever saw and one of the best i'd be suprised if i found one i like more :]

Fruits Basket Hey mom's worried about your kid's watching anime dont be worried about this one! It's Fun and hillarious plus your kid or if your just another stragler looking for an anime you will love it it's full of good lesson's mishaps and another trusting good family bond it has it's sad moment's wich will make you cry but the most cutest and happiest moment's and an eding full of a good just average normal day full of happines tohru Honda is a sweet girl who the sohma family's curse is lifted by her and who they learn to trus with even their most darkest secret's 2nd and most wonderfulest next to ouran high the 2nd best anime ever.

Gossick A good mystery not advised for people younger than 12 unless you can take a little bit of a scare the first few episode's very scary full of suspence and a huge suprise and twist although as well as that very beautiful love as the story goes and kujo the leading man truly show's he cares and loves and will do anything to find and protect the leading lady victorique a very cute action packed suspensful a little bit of a scare funny anime well a little bit humorful :]

Kaichou wa maid sama A cute story recommended for 12 and up. Misaki the leading lady is clueless when it comes to love. Usui Takumi leading male comes upon Misaki's secret she's working at a cosplay cafe to suppport her family because their poor due to her dad's dissaperance when he left hundred's of debt's Misaki being the student council president cant have anyone find out when she's alway's nagging people Usui agree's not tell anybody because it's his secret entertainment he's alway's teasing Misaki but he also loves her he leaves hint's but Misaki is clueless a very cute and funny romantic comedy.

Mermaid melody Kind of weird but if you like shoujo then this might be for you if you're into it just check it out 2 season's so like 52 episode's together cute and lots of singing and fantasy definetly a love story with more than one crushes in the anime so if like something like fantasy romance magic action and shoujo's check it out.

Kamichama karin A cute story good comedy but watch out for kazune and his pervy moments good drawing i love the anime it's funny cute cool and packed with action and romance i guarentee you'll fall in love with the charectar's the anime and the drawing's :]

Kobato A cute funny anime full of magic good people learning lesson's and life troubles the help of the people and some very cute little kindergarteners what hardwork can do and a romantic twist the show only cusses once on the very first episode so please keep watching it's really a sweet story and has the best ending on any anime iv'e ever seen :]

Special A A very good story with friend's and also highschool trouble and how the S.A. is just like a big family very sweet and show's you just how far out cluless a girl can be with love blind from competition alway's tring to beat kei the leading man people say it's kinda like kaichou wa maid sama so watch both if you like one of them you'll like the other :]

Shugo Chara Who do you want to be ask yourself that are like how you are at home the same as when your at school Amu the leading lady ask herself just that and from that feeling her shugo chara were born three little rascals that are people she would like to be like so like little fairies of herself she's not the only one who has them though at her school seika elementary a group called the gaurdians with a queen's spot king's spot jack's spot and ace's spot missing one the joker who amu becomes stopping bachstama a.k.a x eggs a kid's romance comedy and the journey of finding out who you want to be over a 100 episode's you wont want it to end :]

Skip beat A good story about how somebody will go so far to get revenge but end's up loving it instesd of only using it to get revenge turns into a love story and a dream come true a very cute story :]

07 Ghost Okay we all know that you think what im not watching this a weird anime but check it out its a story about a friend's bond that turns into a brother's love a bond so strong it'll make you cry so when you find out what happen's you'll be so sad when it does though teito's sadness turn into revenge and guilt and goes all out for mikage's sake truly a brilliant way to show love sadness guilt hatred and such powerfull emotions and strong action :]

Yumerio Pattisiere A good story if you like a good shoujo Ichigo's dedication to her grandma is inspiring and sweet she works hard to acomplish what she said she would and is a good inspiration if your trying to show your kid's hardwork it throw's romance her and there rivalry to the max and funny cute little moments :]

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia A twist in an Anime to show how weird a person can be sweet mysterious and short perfect check it out maybe you'll like it but just watch the first season the second season is a waist of your time :]

Earl and Fairy It's full of mystery suspence and the guy's kind of a perv this anime has fantasy magic romance and definetley comedy just wait for it check it out i liked it :]

Toradora A sweet story between tiger and dragon dont be fooled that mean faced menace is actually sweet and kind of a house wife a sweet story about how diffrences become one a romantic comedy :]

Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight guilty season 2 A sweet story with a sinful past suspence drama romance and a little bit of humor with a good ending a big shoujo with a mystery to it :]

Yuru Yuri A funny story with good meaning and hilarious concept :]

Mammote Lollipop also known as Save me lollipop A cute story with a twist magic romance action and good concepts im hoping for a second season it really was a good story for rivalry revenge and continuation :]

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10 year olds:

Tokyo Mew Mew

Shugo Chara

Save Me Lollipop

Lucky Star

Mermaid Melody

Sailor Moon

Cardcaptor Sakura

11 year olds:

Everything in 10 year old

Fruits Baskets


Kachiou Wa Maid Sama

Ultra Maniac

Azumanga Daioh

Squid Girl

12 year olds:

Everything in 10 and 11.

Angel Beats

Madoka Magica

Haruhi Susamiya

Ouran High School Host Club

School Rumble

13 year old:

Everything in 10,11,12

Strawberry Panic


A Curtain Magical Index

A Curtain Scientific Railgun

Please Teacher


Chibi Vampire


Axis Powers Hetalia


Higurashi When They Cry (If you like bloody stuff I LOVE IT)

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ouran high school host club is the best best anime for a 11 year old girl

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young kids would maybe like:


-fruits basket

-gakuen alice

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