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say that you are hot

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Q: What are excuses for sleeping naked?
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Is sleeping naked healthyer then sleeping in pj's?

Sleeping naked provides a number of health benefits including deeper sleep and weight loss.

Is Mario sleeping naked?

Yes of what I have heard that he sleeps naked and it frosses me out.

Is there a word for sleeping naked?

The word, "buff", is often used for naked, so "sleeping in the buff" would cover that. The phrase, "Au naturale" can also be used.

What are benefits of sleeping naked?

"The benefits of sleeping naked are releasing hormones, creating a stronger bond with your partner, inducing desire, looking more erotic and feel better."

Why sleep naked?

Sleeping naked is generally more comfortable and can keep you cooler on very warm nights. Also, if you sleep with a partner, sleeping naked can keep you both warm much more effectively than sleeping with clothes on. It is also good when your clothes dont follow your body. You wont have to worry about clothes getting in the way anymore when sleeping naked.

Is a girl being naked and the guy not and sleeping together sex?


Is it against christinity to sleep naked?

no it's not just as long as you are not naked with another person that is not your spouse. if you feel comfortable sleeping naked there's no problem with that.

Is it ok to swim naked?

Sleeping in a bikini would not harm you, but I don't know why you would.

What to wear while sleeping in hot weather?

Sleep naked, I'm serious

Is it weird to sleep naked?

I don't really think it is very very weird but it's your choice. Sleeping naked can be comfortable for some people but some people don't like it.

What is another word for naked?

There are many slang terms for naked. You might hear children say buck-naked or naked as a jaybird. Adults might use the terms nude or in the buff if they wanted to be more polite. Starkers or au naturel are other terms for naked.

What is the typical music in the Dominican Republic?

They like to watch alyssa in the shower, naked and also sleeping with her all night.