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Q: What are Sasha Cohen's favorite color?
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What is Sasha Cohens salary?


What is Sasha Cohen's sister's name?

Sasha Cohens younger sister is called Natasha.

What was is Sasha cohens early life?

if you look up Sasha cohen in wikipedia, then basically her whole life comes out!:)

What is Sasha Baron Cohen's favorite color?

royal blue perhaps?

What is Sasha baron cohens bank account number?

You have no business asking that question, and no one is going to give you that information.

What is WWE Sasha banks favorite color?

her favorite color is Blue (:

What is Malia obama's favorite color?

Sasha Obama's favorite colors are blue and pink and red.

What is Sasha Obama's favorite thing to do?

Sasha likes to do ballet, gymnastic and more

Is Sasha a color?

no it's a name

What are Sasha Cohen's favorite foods?

ice cream

What is Malia and Sasha favorite singer?

One direction

What is Sasha Obama favorite food'?

chicken nuggets