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Maureen Reillette (Rebbie): 1950

Sigmund Esco (Jackie): 1951

Toriano Adaryll (Tito): 1953

Jermaine La Jaune: 1954

La Toya Yvonne: 1956

Marlon David: 1957

Brandon: 1957-1957

Michael Joseph: 1958-2009

Steven Randall (Randy): 1961

Janet Damita Jo: 1966

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Rebbie is 60

Jackie is 59

Tito is 57

Jermaine is 56

LaToya is 54

Marlon is 53

Michael was 50 when he died, would now be 52

Randy is 49

Janet is 44

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prince Michael

Paris Michael catherine

michale jr

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Q: What are Katherine and joe jacksons children names from oldest to youngest?
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