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No, Roc Royal Is The Youngest Out Of The Group Prodigy Is The Oldest Then Rayray Is The Second Oldest Then Princeton IS The Third Oldest :)

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what about Elijah J

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Q: Is mindless behavior prodigy is the youngest?
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Who is the youngest on mindless behavior?


Who is the other youngest in mindless behavior?

Prodigy!! :)

Who is the youngest one in Mindless Behavior?


Oldest to youngest in mindless behavior mindless behavior?

Oldest: Prodigy RayRay Princeton Youngest: Roc Royal

What is mindless behavior's order from youngest to oldest?

roc royal,princeton,rayray,prodigy

Is prodigy crosseyed off mindless behavior?

No Prodigy from mindless behavior is not crosseyed

Who is the youngest in the group Mindless Behavior?

roc royal is the youngest but rayray is the sexcy one...........namber is 323-319-6060

Where does prodigy live now from Mindless Behavior?

prodigy from mindless behavior stays philidelphia

Do prodigy from Mindless Behavior do he have a 6 pack?

Yes Prodigy from Mindless Behavior has a 6 pack

What is prodigy from from off Mindless Behavior?

if your asking where prodigy is from he is from Philadelphia he is the only one from mindless behavior not from California

Who has replaced prodigy in mindless behavior?

Jacob latimore is cute ,but noone is supposed to replace prodigy from mindless behavior.

What is prodigy name from Mindless Behavior?

His name is Craig Johnson