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Batista's move is a Batista bomb and spear , Undertakers moves are a choke slam and tombstone,Triple H's move's are a spinebuster and a pedigry and correct me if I'm wrong about the pedigry

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2009-12-12 00:01:21
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Q: What are Batista Undertaker and Triple H's special moves?
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Who is stronger batista or undertaker?

undertaker is stronger than batista because batsiata is always coping undertaker's moves so that proves taker is stronger That is not true, they have both exactly the same strength.

How do you do Undertaker's Hells Gate in smackdown vs raw 2011?

Create a move set Superstar Undertaker Special moves Signature/finisher Select hells gate

What is Dave Batista's signature move?

Signature moves : Big boot, hammer lock, shoulder block, spear, spinebuster Finishing moves: Batista Bomb, Batista Bite

Who will be in the new game SmackDown vs RAW 2009 and what will be their finishing moves?

Randy Orton-RKO Shawn Michaels-Sweet Chin Music Triple H-Pedigree Jeff Hardy-Swanton Bomb Matt Hardy-Twist of Fate Batista-Batista Bomb

What are undertaker and kane's finishing moves?


Who is more stronger Kane or undertaker?

Undertaker has more moves then Kane and his tombstone attack is unstoppable

Who is better wrestler undertaker or Kane?

undertaker.. althought both basically have the same moves undertaker tends to modify his movesbased on his opponent better than kane.

Does The Undertaker know martial arts?

No. He only uses wrestling moves.

When was Special Moves created?

Special Moves was created on 2010-08-23.

What are undertaker's turnbuckle moves?

Snake Eyes This is Usually followed by a Big Boot

How to unlock moves for smackdown vs raw 2009?

Move Set 1: Play Batista And Rey Mysterio Road to Wrestlemania, Have Rey win the Royal Rumble, Have Batista lose at No Way Out, & make Batista lose the WWE tag team championships. Move Set 2: Play Batista And Rey Mysterio Road To Wrestlemania, Have Batista win the Royal Rumble, Have Rey lose at No Way Out, & make Rey lose the WWE tag team championships. Move Set 3: Play Triple H Road To Wrestlemania, pin Edge in your first match

Which WWE superstar has the best wrestling moves?

the undertaker because almost all of his moves are original like alot of the superstars that are new

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