What are 5 uses of lasers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1 burn stuff 2 kill stuff 3 hurt stuff 4 blind stuff 5 blow stuff up

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This wasn't very specific.

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Q: What are 5 uses of lasers?
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What lasers does Pretty Lights use?

He uses Lightwave RGB lasers

Who uses lasers?

jedis, veterinarians,

What are picosecond lasers used for?

Picosecond lasers have a variety of uses. Some of the most common uses for picosecond lasers are in the medical field in such procedures as laser eye surgery and tattoo removal.

What are the uses of the ruby?

its uses are the gemstone and useful for lasers

What are some uses of lasers?

Used in medicine field,industries.

What are some uses for optical lasers?

Optical lasers, also known as laser optics, are beams of light that come in many different strengths and possible uses. Modern computer mice use lasers to detect movement. Video game systems and DVD players use lasers to access discs. More powerful lasers are used for surgery and in laboratories as tools for experiments.

What are the uses of industrial lasers?


What other uses do lasers have?

Lasers have many uses, laser pointers, cd/dvd/blu-ray players and writers, Optical tweezers, Laser cooling, Communications, just to name a few.

What network uses Rf signals or infrared lasers?

Wireless networking

What are some other uses of rubies beside jewelry and making lasers?

You are a noob.

What are some uses for high powered lasers?

High powered lasers are typically used for various needs such as hair removal, surgery, spacecraft, spectrodcopy and even in investigation procedures.

What is laser operation?

an operation that uses lasers to cut skin, flesh or cut open patients