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You can REALLY good lights and lasers and strobes at Spencer's or

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Q: Where can you get cheap strobe lights that work really good?
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what kind of strobe lights are really really good?

The strobe lights that are used for Halloween decorations are the ones that are shaped like skulls or pumpkins. strobe lights that have blacks lights in them are also an alternative option to give the room a creepy effect!

Where can you buy LED strobe lights?

One canpurchase LED strobe lights from the following stores: eBay, Amazon, Speed Tech Lights, Aliexpress, DH Gate, Go Recon, Light in the Box, Auto Direct Save, to name a few.

Does a strobe light work to get rid of squirrels in attic?

Strobe lights may scare the squirrels out of the attic, but I personally have never try it. I say you should give it a go. Good luck! I have had a lot of success evicting squirrels with the Evictor High Intensity Strobe Lights. It seems that the strobes do not scare the squirrels, but instead annoys them so much they voluntarily leave the attic.

How do you hook up a toggle switch for strobe lights in a 1993 Honda civic?

The way I hooked up the strobe lights in my truck, i did the following: [need a switch that has (+)(load)(-). Three prongs..] -run a wire from positive(+) of the battery to the positive(+) of the switch. -run a negative(-) from the battery to the negative(-) of the switch. -run the positive of the strobe to the (load) of the switch. -either run a negative(-) wire from the strobe to the switch, or mount it to the vehicle body somewhere.. Hope this helps.. Good luck

Where can I purchase a used strobe light?

You may be able to find a strobe light at a party store, like party city. A really good place to find a strobe light would be at Spencer Gifts. They usually carry things like that in their stores.

Why are strobe lights dangerous for some people with epilepsy?

Flashing lights and strobe lights and other forms of irregular lighting can affect the optic nerve and the brain. Looking at any light for a prolonged time can do damage to your eyes, which is why you never do things like stare at the sun. Anyone at any stage of their life can have a seizure and never be diagnosed as having epilepsy. Someone who has recurring seizures is deemed to have epilepsy, but if you had one or two and never had any more, you would not be considered to have epilepsy.So things that trigger seizures in someone who has epilepsy can trigger seizures in anyone. So strobe lights can trigger a seizure in anyone, even if it never happened again. People who have what is known as photosensitive epilepsy can have seizures triggered by strobe lights. Most people who have epilepsy do not have that form, and so strobe lights do not affect them any more than other people who don't have epilepsy at all. Someone who has photosensitive epilepsy has a lower level of susceptibility to strobe lights, than someone who doesn't, but exposing anyone to strobe lighting for long enough could cause them problems, as it is not good to look at it for a long time.

What are some good strobe lights for a small room to scare people to create that jerky illusion how fast does it need to be?

about 20 frames or more per second.

Do solar garden lights really work If so, what is the best brand to buy?

With many technological devices, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap light, it won't work as well as the name brand lights. That said, Brinkmann makes a good product. Yes they are really good and really work. A great brand would the Portfolio, they carry many different types.

Spooky And Spectacular Effects With Strobe Lights?

Using strobe lights for a special effect is a great way to add zing to a party. Whether for a spooky Halloween bash or a dance the unique lighting effect can bring a lively energy to the space. Highly favored by horror films, haunted houses and display creators the flickering flashes of light can lend a eerie feeling to a scene. Making a strobe light part of a decorating plan for Halloween is a fun way to bring more life to the night. The chilling effect can add emphasis to scary displays. For parties it's a good idea to place the strobe lights near the music source, whether it's a stereo of a professional DJ. Having the strobe light aimed at the dance floor can add interest to the movement and encourage people to enjoy a fun night. Whether opting for a rave or disco feel or just trying to add zing to a party, a strobe light can be a great effect. Giving the ambiance of a flashy dance club to most any space is as easy as setting up a few strobe lights and turning up the music. For theme parties or events this can be a wonderful detail. The flickering strobe light will highlight the dance floor in a stunning way and entice the wallflowers to join in the fun. Strobe lights have come under fire for possibly causing seizures for those with epilepsy. Modern strobe lights will often feature speed settings to time the flashing of the light at a lower rate to prevent ill effects on party goers. Using a strobe light does not mean risking anyone's well being if the speeds are set properly. Adding this thrilling effect to an event or as part of a display is a safe and fun way to use light to set a mood. Much the way mirrored disco globes highlighted the dance floors for past generations, strobe lights are highlighting the fun today.

Where can I get cheap flashing lights?

You can get flashing lights from a lot of different vendors. Depending on the application I would say a good place to go is a Halloween store. Spencer's gifts in the malls usually have cheap flashing lights or try a website like LightGod

Has anyone used led grow lights?

yes i have purchased LED Grow lights and really these lights are too good.

Where can I buy the cheapest LED Automotive Lights at?

To find good, cheap automotive LED lights for trucks and cars try You can find the size, style and type of lights you are looking for.