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The cast of The Elves and the Poomaker - 2013 includes: Anthony Clegg as Samuel Twinkle Ariana Fraval as Rosa Bonita Alexander Kirk as Jeff Cortina Sarah Kokkinos as Lady Smoking Craig Vye as Elf Amber Vye as Elf

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The cast of Elf-Man - 2012 includes: Mackenzie Astin as Eric Jeffrey Combs as Mickey Dave Coyne as Jean-Pierre Mike Diesel as Officer Schlubb Joe Hansard as Stu Grady Jack Hoke as Santa Blake Kaiser as Ryan Larry Levinson II as Mr. Glavenstein Carly Robell as Kasey Teale Sperling as Elf Navigator Mirelly Taylor as Amy Marty Terry as Gramma Kim Tuvin as Pushy Customer

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The cast of Song of the Working Elves - 2011 includes: Eban Schletter as Elves

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The cast of Old Man - 2012 includes: Charles Manson Marlin Marynick

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in The Elves and the Poomaker - 2013?
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Why were the travelers actually glad to be captured by the Wood-elves in The Hobbit?

They were tired and hungry with no food or water. At least with the elves, they were fed.Because they had lost their way in Mirkwood and were on the brink of starvation.

What elves do after school?

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In The Hobbit where is the elves' wine made?

In the Hobbit, King Thranduil of Mirkwood, the Wood Elves' king, liked his wine from Dorwinion. His wine was also imported by the Elves of Mirkwood in barrels down the Forest River from Long lake.

Why did the elvish-looking folk disappear when the dwarves went running into their camp?

If you are referring to the book "The Hobbit," we aren't told exactly. We do know that elves and dwarves had a long-standing grudge against each other. But it does seem as if the elves were trying to trap them, or at least to create an excuse for taking them prisoner. The elves in "The Hobbit" were more like the elves in Celtic folklore - silly, tricky, deceitful little fairies - than the regal, mysterious elves in "The Lord of the Rings." Legolas was a Mirkwood elf, one of the people that the dwarves encountered in "The Hobbit," and was not considered the equal of the Lorien elves.

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The cast of Jolly Little Elves - 1934 includes: Bernice Hansen as Elf

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What movie and television projects has Anthony Clegg been in?

Anthony Clegg has: Played Thomas in "Waiting for a Stranger" in 2011. Played Tim Laidlaw in "Extreme" in 2012. Played Ray Barnes in "Road to F.A. Cup" in 2012. Played Samuel Twinkle in "The Elves and the Poomaker" in 2013. Played Doctor West in "Arkham Sanitarium" in 2013.

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