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The cast of Garp - 2009 includes: Nadine Gharzeddine as Soraya Yannis Rappas as Yannis

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Garp - 2009?
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When does Garp appear in OnePiece?

Garp is seen many times before his actuall appearance as an official character. He is a marine with a dog shaped hat on all the time. He trains Coby to be a marine. But his actuall appearance was I think during the Water Seven ark where they meet Franky. Luffy is healing after the battle and Garp crashes through a wall while Luffy is sleep eating and gives him the 'punch of love' and wakes him up. He is then revealed as Luffy's grandpa.

What episode does luffy meet shanks?

In manga, they met in episode 416-230. It was when the team was defeated singlehandedly by Bartolomew Kuma and they were sent in different locations. Luffy was sent to the island where Boa Hancock was the leader and became friends though Hancock have a secret love for Luffy.

Is gold roger in one piece luffys dad?

no it his uncleluffys dad is monkey d. dragon. he might be his uncle.Strong points that they may be related:Ace was adopted by the "monkey family" (luffy,dragon,garp)Ace is Gol D. Roger son, (not Gold Roger or Gold D. Roger)"Will of D"

Who is luffys mother?

honestly, that's not been answered yet. we know Ace is his brother, Garp's his grandad, and Dragons' his dad. If you thought of this question with the appearance of Hancock, she's definitely not his mom-- she's in love with Luffy, so that would be just weird if she were his mom.

Where is the oceanfront home that served as a location in the world according to garp?

It is a mansion built by Bethlehem Steel heir, Robert Linderman on Fisher Island. Fisher Island is part of Southold N.Y. It is 9 miles long, 1 mile wide and found at the far eastern end of Long Island Sound just off the southeastern coast of Conn. and about 11 miles off the tip of Long Island. You can see a picture at the Fisher Island entry of Wikipedia.

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Why did pooh kill garp?

Pooh and Garp are both fictional characters from the book The World According to Garp. It is believed that Pooh killed Garp because of Ellen.

When was Torkild Garp born?

Torkild Garp was born in 1883.

When did Torkild Garp die?

Torkild Garp died in 1976.

What happens at the end of the novel The World According to Garp?

Garp is shot

Does Garp die at the end of The world according to garp?

Yes, Garp dies from being shot by Pooh Percy, one of the Ellen Jamesians.

When was The World According to Garp created?

The World According to Garp was created in 1978.

Why does Pooh shoot Garp?

Pooh shoots garp because one, she catches garp in the act with her sister Cushie. Second because of the book garp wrote about ellen. And obviously pooh has always been a little off.

What is the ISBN of The World According to Garp?

The ISBN of The World According to Garp is 0-525-23770-4.

What is the duration of The World According to Garp film?

The duration of The World According to Garp - film - is 2.27 hours.

When was the Release date of world according to garp?

John Irving's "The World According to Garp" was first published in 1978.

What was the release date of the World According to Garp?

John Irving's "The World According to Garp" was first published in 1978.

When was The World According to Garp - film - created?

The World According to Garp - film - was created on 1982-07-23.