Who is luffys mother?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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honestly, that's not been answered yet. we know Ace is his brother, Garp's his grandad, and Dragons' his dad. If you thought of this question with the appearance of Hancock, she's definitely not his mom-- she's in love with Luffy, so that would be just weird if she were his mom.

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No one know yet. It will come up sooner or later in the anime.

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Q: Who is luffys mother?
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Who is luffys parents?

it is unknown for luffys mother,BUT luffys father is known to be the revalutionary dragon who FREEKIN OWNS AN ISLAND TO HIMSELF,please dont ask the question of why that is lol

Who is luffys wife at the end?


Who is luffys father?

Monkey D. Dragon

Will ussop come back to luffys crew?


What episode does luffys brother pop in in one piece?

In episode 94.

How many people are in luffys crew?

There are 9 member in luffy crew

Can monkey d luffys powers be real?

it can to a ciertain point. to stretch is one thing but to do Hone Fusen, is hard to attain

What episode does ace find out who luffys dad is?

We don't actually know. Oda didn't tell us, it was just presumed that Ace already knew.

Does anyone in luffys crew die?

Most likely due to the dangerous pirates out there and the bad people like akainu and coby if he gets stronger and more brutal.Then you'll have kizaru and helemppo!

How do you use luffys second special attack on onepiece grand adventure?

if you want to use gum gum storm (2nd) then hold L1 while your selecting luffy but if you don't want to use it then just choose him

Dark king rayleigh or jinbei will join luffys crew?

None of them has still joined Luffy's crew. But Silvers Rayleigh is not gonna join the crew. Whether Jinbei joins or not will be decided in Chapter number 649.

Is gold roger in one piece luffys dad?

no it his uncleluffys dad is monkey d. dragon. he might be his uncle.Strong points that they may be related:Ace was adopted by the "monkey family" (luffy,dragon,garp)Ace is Gol D. Roger son, (not Gold Roger or Gold D. Roger)"Will of D"