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The cast of Blankety Blank - 1979 includes: Beverley Adams as herself Kaye Adams as herself Dawn Addams as herself Suzy Aitchison as herself Ray Alan as himself Jean Alexander as herself Terence Alexander as himself Peter Alliss as himself Shirley Anne Field as herself Howard Antony as himself Pamela Armstrong as herself Debbie Arnold as herself Lulu as herself Dana as herself Leslie Ash as herself Arthur Askey as himself Tina Baker as herself George Baker as himself Johnny Ball as himself Paul Barber as himself Lynda Baron as herself Roy Barraclough as himself Amanda Barrie as herself Keith Barron as himself Michael Barrymore as himself Alexandra Bastedo as herself Simon Bates as himself Rachel Bell as herself David Bellamy as himself Floella Benjamin as herself Tracie Bennett as herself Lennie Bennett as himself Colin Berry as himself The Beverley Sisters as Themselves Rodney Bewes as himself Jayne Bickerton as Mary Unfaithful Christopher Biggins as himself Cilla Black as herself Tony Blackburn as himself Honor Blackman as herself Joyce Blair as herself Isla Blair as herself Lionel Blair as himself Brian Blessed as himself Stan Boardman as himself Jean Boht as herself Emily Bolton as herself Frank Bough as himself Patty Boulaye as herself Jim Bowen as himself Felix Bowness as himself Catherine Boyle as herself Patricia Brake as herself Sally Brampton as herself Gyles Brandreth as himself Moyra Bremner as herself Fern Britton as herself Bruno Brookes as himself Trevor Brooking as himself Georgia Brown as herself Janet Brown as herself Faith Brown as herself June Brown as herself Joe Brown as himself Dora Bryan as herself Peter Bull as himself Ross Burden as himself Malandra Burrows as herself Rob Butler as himself Ed Byrne as himself Marti Caine as herself Rebecca Callard as herself Rhona Cameron as herself Gavin Campbell as himself Geoff Capes as himself Elizabeth Carling as herself Judy Carne as herself Harry Carpenter as himself Frank Carson as himself Natalie Casey as herself Natalie Cassidy as herself Roy Castle as himself Sarah Cawood as herself Christopher Cazenove as himself Judith Chalmers as herself Anne Charleston as herself Lorraine Chase as herself Keith Chegwin as himself Tracey Childs as herself David Claridge as Roland Rat Oz Clarke as himself Julian Clary as himself Sue Cleaver as herself Ray Clemence as himself Bernie Clifton as himself Paul Coia as himself Graham Cole as himself Norman Collier as himself Michelle Collins as herself John Conteh as himself Sue Cook as herself Kirsten Cooke as herself Pat Coombs as herself Henry Cooper as himself Judy Cornwell as herself Robin Cousins as himself Doc Cox as himself Wendy Craig as herself Andy Crane as himself Gemma Craven as herself Bernard Cribbins as himself Jimmy Cricket as himself Leslie Crowther as himself Marc Crumpton as himself Barry Cryer as himself Billy Dainty as himself Susanne Dando as herself Jill Dando as herself Suzanne Danielle as herself Jane Danson as herself Linda Davidson as herself Sharron Davies as herself Windsor Davies as himself Bobby Davro as himself Elizabeth Dawn as herself Nyree Dawn Porter as herself Anna Dawson as herself Les Dawson as himself Les Dawson as Himself - Presenter Darren Day as himself Charlie Daze as himself Lynsey De Paul as herself Hazell Dean as herself Peter Dean as himself Simon Dee as himself Ortis Deley as himself Les Dennis as himself Sandra Dickinson as herself Barbara Dickson as herself Charlie Dimmock as herself Wayne Dobson as himself Ken Dodd as himself Fiona Dolman as herself Lonnie Donegan as himself Declan Donnelly as himself Val Doonican as himself Stacy Dorning as herself Diana Dors as herself Michele Dotrice as herself Jack Douglas as himself Carol Drinkwater as herself Clive Dunn as himself Richard Dunwoody as himself Janine Duvitski as herself Terri Dwyer as herself Vince Earl as himself David Easter as himself Frances Edmonds as herself Percy Edwards as himself Jimmy Edwards as himself Jeremy Edwards as himself Janet Ellis as herself Bella Emberg as herself Arthur English as himself Don Estelle as himself Elizabeth Estensen as herself Annabel Etkind as herself Kenny Everett as himself Lynn Faulds Wood as herself Gaynor Faye as herself Fred Feast as himself Sheila Ferguson as herself Jean Fergusson as herself Eve Ferret as herself Fenella Fielding as herself Michael Fish as himself Isla Fisher as herself Cyril Fletcher as himself Derek Fowlds as himself Neil Fox as himself Stu Francis as himself Sabina Franklyn as herself Helen Fraser as herself Liz Fraser as herself Clement Freud as himself Lesley Garrett as herself Jill Gascoine as herself Stephen Gately as himself Pearly Gates as herself William Gaunt as himself Phil Gayle as himself Gloria Gaynor as herself Dustin Gee as himself Judy Geeson as herself Richard Gibson as himself Brenda Gilhooly as Gayle Tuesday Cherry Gillespie as herself Liza Goddard as herself Francesca Gonshaw as herself Peter Goodwright as himself Julie Goodyear as herself Jilly Goolden as herself Noele Gordon as herself Russell Grant as himself Leslie Grantham as himself Larry Grayson as himself Sarah Greene as herself Debbie Greenwood as herself Anne Gregg as herself David Griffin as himself Derek Griffiths as himself Michael Groth as himself Shobna Gulati as herself Sneh Gupta as herself Deryck Guyler as himself Gareth Hale as himself Natasha Hamilton as herself Roz Hanby as herself Jenny Hanley as herself Susan Hanson as herself Ainsley Harriott as himself Anita Harris as herself Rolf Harris as himself Carol Harrison as herself Russell Harty as himself Derek Hatton as himself Linda Hayden as herself Patricia Hayes as herself Debbie Heathcote as herself Paul Heiney as himself Dickie Henderson as himself Stephen Hendry as himself Lenny Henry as himself Sherrie Hewson as herself Jimmy Hill as himself Vince Hill as himself Thora Hird as herself Tina Hobley as herself Sara Hollamby as herself Jeffrey Holland as himself Eamonn Holmes as himself Fred Housego as himself Roy Hudd as himself Finola Hughes as herself Nerys Hughes as herself Emlyn Hughes as himself Gloria Hunniford as herself Gareth Hunt as himself Su Ingle as herself John Inman as himself Madhur Jaffrey as herself Sally James as herself Polly James as herself Raji James as himself Louise Jameson as herself Derek Jameson as himself David Jason as himself Sue Jenkins as herself Meg Johnson as herself Peter Jones as himself Lesley Joseph as herself Lesley Judd as herself John Junkin as himself Samuel Kane as himself Kerry Katona as herself Gorden Kaye as himself Caron Keating as herself Ronan Keating as himself Diane Keen as herself Barbara Kelly as herself Lorraine Kelly as herself Matthew Kelly as himself Ross Kelly as himself Henry Kelly as himself Jonathan Kerrigan as himself John Kettley as himself Victor Kiam as himself Eddie Kidd as himself Melanie Kilburn as herself Roy Kinnear as himself Roger Kitter as himself Bobby Knutt as himself Janette Krankie as herself Danny La Rue as himself Ellie Laine as herself Belinda Lang as herself Bonnie Langford as herself Diane Langton as herself Eddie Large as himself Sue Lawley as herself Sophie Lawrence as herself George Layton as himself Rustie Lee as herself Dave Lee Travis as himself Jan Leeming as herself Rula Lenska as herself Linda Lewis as herself Maureen Lipman as herself Moira Lister as herself Syd Little as himself Mark Little as himself Sue Lloyd as herself Janice Long as herself Joe Longthorne as himself Shauna Lowry as herself Linda Lusardi as herself Desmond Lynam as himself Kenny Lynch as himself Nicholas Lyndhurst as himself Andrew Lynford as himself Humphrey Lyttelton as himself Aimi MacDonald as herself Don Maclean as himself Patrick Macnee as himself Richard Madeley as himself Ruth Madoc as herself Bernard Manning as himself Clive Mantle as himself Jane Marie Osborne as herself Alfred Marks as himself Jessica Martin as herself Lisa Maxwell as herself Davina McCall as herself Ian McCaskill as himself Liz McClarnon as herself Debbie McGee as herself Henry McGee as himself Barry McGuigan as himself Ian McKellen as himself Gail McKenna as herself Julia McKenzie as herself Una McLean as herself Anthony McPartlin as himself Will Mellor as himself Buster Merryfield as himself Vicki Michelle as herself Guy Michelmore as himself Jayne Middlemiss as herself Stuart Miles as himself Mick Miller as himself Spike Milligan as himself Adrian Mills as himself Joseph Millson as himself Joanna Monro as herself Kelly Monteith as himself Marian Montgomery as herself Ron Moody as himself Maggie Moone as herself Mark Moraghan as himself Diana Moran as herself Johnny More as himself Mo Moreland as herself Libby Morris as herself John Motson as himself Ted Moult as himself Peggy Mount as herself Patrick Mower as himself Brian Murphy as himself Billy Murray as himself Nina Myskow as herself Scott Neal as himself Mike Newman as himself Derek Nimmo as himself Linda Nolan as herself Coleen Nolan as herself Duncan Norvelle as himself Bill Oddie as himself Richard Orford as himself Nick Owen as himself Bill Owen as himself Sid Owen as himself Norman Pace as himself Patsy Palmer as herself Mica Paris as herself Nicholas Parsons as himself Deena Payne as herself Cynthia Payne as herself Tris Payne as himself Dixie Peach as herself Billy Pearce as himself Julie Peasgood as herself Kazia Pelka as herself Susan Penhaligon as herself Steve Penk as himself Tricia Penrose as herself Tom Pepper as himself Lance Percival as himself Bill Pertwee as himself Jon Pertwee as himself Andi Peters as himself Maggie Philbin as herself Arlene Phillips as herself Fiona Phillips as herself Craig Phillips as himself Steven Pinder as himself John Pitman as himself Su Pollard as herself Albert Pontefract as himself Gail Porter as herself Adrienne Posta as herself Margaret Powell as herself Duncan Preston as himself Vincent Price as himself Greg Proops as himself Anna Raeburn as herself Sandy Ratcliff as herself Jeff Rawle as himself Claire Rayner as herself Mike Read as himself Bertice Reading as herself Linda Regan as herself Beryl Reid as herself Mike Reid as himself Gillian Reynolds as herself Mark Rhino Smith as himself Anneka Rice as herself Wendy Richard as herself Eric Richard as himself Fiona Richmond as herself Steve Rider as himself Lisa Riley as herself Angela Rippon as herself William Roache as himself Ted Robbins as himself Liz Robertson as herself Anne Robinson as herself Cleo Rocos as herself Ted Rogers as himself Jean Rook as herself Gaby Roslin as herself Annie Ross as herself Jane Rossington as herself Simon Rouse as himself Neil Ruddock as himself William Rushton as himself Naomi Ryan as herself Anna Ryder Richardson as herself Tessa Sanderson as herself June Sarpong as herself Robbie Savage as himself John Savident as himself Julia Sawalha as herself Nadia Sawalha as herself Phillip Schofield as himself Tony Selby as himself Chris Serle as himself George Sewell as himself Paul Shane as himself Helen Shapiro as herself Barry Sheene as himself Barbara Shelley as herself Dinah Sheridan as herself Mandy Shires as herself Adele Silva as herself Carmen Silvera as herself Junior Simpson as himself Joan Sims as herself Donald Sinden as himself Guy Siner as himself Wayne Sleep as himself Carol Smillie as herself Madeline Smith as herself Liz Smith as herself Ian Smith as himself Nicholas Smith as himself Judi Spiers as herself Kathy Staff as herself Alvin Stardust as himself Michael Starke as himself Freddie Starr as himself Sheila Steafel as herself Debra Stephenson as herself Jeff Stevenson as himself Jeff Stewart as himself Peter Stringfellow as himself Elaine Stritch as herself Vivien Stuart as herself Una Stubbs as herself Mollie Sugden as herself Dean Sullivan as himself Claire Sweeney as herself Melanie Sykes as herself Sylvia Syms as herself Liza Tarbuck as herself Jimmy Tarbuck as himself William Tarmey as himself Chris Tarrant as himself Kathy Tayler as herself Gillian Taylforth as herself Roberta Taylor as herself Gwen Taylor as herself Jamie Theakston as himself Sally Thomsett as herself Frank Thornton as himself Richard Thorp as himself Linda Thorson as herself Bill Tidy as himself Alan Titchmarsh as himself Ricky Tomlinson as himself Ian Tough as himself Tommy Trinder as himself Freddie Trueman as himself Phil Tufnell as himself Lowri Turner as herself Anthea Turner as herself Gary Turner as himself Victor Ubogu as himself Tracey Ullman as herself Rory Underwood as himself Frankie Vaughan as himself Norman Vaughan as himself Wanda Ventham as herself Tim Vincent as himself John Virgo as himself Carol Vorderman as herself Ian Wallace as himself Tommy Walsh as himself Eddie Waring as himself Dennis Waterman as himself Dilys Watling as herself Lizzie Webb as herself Molly Weir as herself Arabella Weir as herself Nick Weir as himself Denise Welch as herself Sheila White as herself Sarah White as herself Richard Whiteley as himself June Whitfield as herself Bill Wiggins as himself David Wilkie as himself Rhodri Williams as himself Charlie Williams as himself Shaun Williamson as himself Wincey Willis as herself Gary Wilmot as himself Sean Wilson as himself Barbara Windsor as herself Bernie Winters as himself Dale Winton as himself Terry Wogan as Himself - Presenter Kevin Woodford as himself Barbara Woodhouse as herself Edward Woodward as himself Antony Worrall Thompson as himself Tessa Wyatt as herself Lena Zavaroni as herself

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The cast of Blauvogel - 1979 includes: Violeta Andrei Gheorghe Haliu as Fuchs Jutta Hoffmann as Mildred Ruster Marina Krogull Valentin Loghin Ileana Mavrodineanu as Mittagssonne Adrian Mihai Gerd Nissler Niculae Peniuc Vasile Popa Anja Scheinert Norbert Speer Jan Spitzer as Andrew Anca Szonyi as Malia (adult) Niculina Ursaru as Malia (child) Razvan Vasilescu Alexandru Virgil Platon

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The cast of Blankety Blank - 2006 includes: Terry Wogan as Himself - Presenter

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The cast of Blankety Blanks - 1975 includes: Bob Clayton as Announcer (1975) Bill Cullen as Host (1975) Anne Meara as herself Lee Meriwether as herself Nipsey Russell as himself

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Blankety Blank - 1979?
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