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Q: Wood is to rotten as blank is to moldy?
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Wood is for rotten and what is for moldy?

cheese is to moldy

What is another word for moldy?


Does maple syrup go rotten?

It can become moldy.

How do you cook rotten food?

Rotten is a general term, but if it is rotten because of a fungus (such as moldy bread), then yes it does contaminate other food.

What is rotten wood?

A wood that is rottened

What is happening when something decays?

It goes moldy or rotten and has frizzy stuff growing around it

How do you build a vihicle in Minecraft?

To make a boat, you need to do this: Blank Blank Blank Wood Blank Wood Wood Wood Wood on a 3x3 crafting table! Note they must be wooden planks. For a minecart just replace the wood with iron ingots.

Are rotten potatoes toxic to animals?

for the most they can be but it all depends on the animal but most of the time rotten or moldy food is not good for animals

Is sour milk dangerous?

Yes. You wouldn't eat rotten meat or moldy cheese, would you?

What happens to half an orange over 2 weeks left out in the open?

it's definetily rotten or moldy!

What causes moldy cheese?

What causes moldy cheese?? Are you serious?? Well, obviously from being out too long-or in the fridge too long.

What if the wood is rotten in club penguin?

leave it and find better wood