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Mickey Rooney playing Andy Hardy, 15 films (14 sequels) and two shorts:

"A Family Affair" (1937)

"Judge Hardy's Children" (1938)

"Love Finds Andy Hardy" (1938)

"Out West with the Hardys" (1938)

"Loews Christmas Greeting (The Hardy Family) - Short (1939)

"The Hardy's Ride High" (1939)

"Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever" (1939)

"Judge Hardy and Son" (1939)

"Andy Hardy's Dilemma: A Lesson in Mathematics...and Other Things" - Short


"Andy Hardy Meets Debutante" (1940)

"Andy Hardy's Private Secretary" (1941)

"Life Begins for Andy Hardy" (1941)

"The Courtship of Andy Hardy" (1942)

"Andy Hardy's Double Life" (1942)

"Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble" (1944)

"Love Laughs at Andy Hardy" (1946)

"Andy Hardy Comes Home" (1958)

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Q: What actor has been in the most sequels?
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