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A sequel

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Q: What are follow up movies called?
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What is a follow up film called?

A sequel

What is it called when you come up with idea's for movies?

Creative writing.

Where can one watch movies that have easy to follow storylines?

One can find movies with easy to follow story lines on Netflix or YouTube. Movies with easy to follow story lines tend to be comedies or romantic comedies with simple plot and characters to follow.

What Movies Follow the Beowulf Theme?

There is a new movie coming out soon that is called Beowulf. So Im guessing that should be what your looking for.

Are the saw movies related?

No, they are based on an indie film also called Saw by the same director.

What means based on?

It is something that was thought up because of a previous book or article. So James Bond movies are based on the books by Ian Flemming. The movies are not an exact copy of the book, but the movies do follow the theme of the James Bond books.

Should you include your resume with your follow-up letter if no one has called you for an interview?

Yes, always include a copy of your resume with a follow up letter.

What are assamese movies called?

assamese movies called Bolsobi

Why did the people who wrote diary of wimpy kids not follow the order of the books to make the movies in order?

Because the third book is called The Last Straw

What movies follow the hamlet theme?

The Lion King

What legal site can you watch free movies in?

there is a website called hulu and you can also look up some movies on youtube. youtube movies might be around only 2 dollars.

What is the follow up to meet the Santas?

There's not a follow-up movie because they get married at the end of that one so there's no need to follow up on it. The movie before that one, though is called "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus."